Summary: Do we do what God desires of us?

Genesis 37:13-17

Verse 13-Here I Am

He was right there to answer his father’s call!

How many times do have to call your child’s name before they answer?

How many times do your children have to call you name before you answer?

Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma!

Wives to husbands-”Are you listening to me?”

Now are you listening for God’s call?

We cry out to Him and we want and expect Him to hear.

But what about us are we listening to Him?

What does He want, what does He desire?

Verse 15-Wandering in the field

He didn’t just go to the place and say, “Well, they are not here!”

He was looking for them!

When you want an answer from God sometimes you got wander around, you got to knock on some doors.

I was taught-You can’t find a job, if you don’t put out applications, knock on doors.... You got to do your part and God will do His!

Sometimes your not going to find the answer to your questions the first time you open up your bible, it may take a in depth look into God’s word!

You may not find out what God has called you to do until you try some different things.

Verse 17-All the way to Dothan

He goes farther than he was asked to. Why? Because he knew that was his fathers will!

He could have said, “I did what my father asked!”“They don’t even like me!”“Shecham was 50 miles and now another 24 miles.”

A guy said to me, “There is to many two’s in church!” and I asked what he meant, “I’m to tired to serve God, I’m to old to serve God, I’m to busy to serve God, I’m to poor to give a tithe!”

Joseph could have come up with all kinds of excuses but he didn’t!

What your excuse for not doing what God wants you to do?

Most people don’t do more than is expected of them, most people don’t even do what is expected of them!

They don’t do in there life, they don’t do it at there job, they don’t do it in their marriage, and they sure don’t do it when it comes to serving God!!

Now the question is are you one of these people?

Or do you go above and beyond the call of duty?

Leroy Smith says, “We don’t start giving until we go beyond the 10 percent, because 10 percent is what we are required to give.”

Are you giving to what He desires, or are you giving the bare minimal.

I’m not just taking about what’s in your pocketbook, but also what’s in you heart!!!

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