Summary: Stepping Out Of Spiritual Poverty

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> About 3.5 million US residents are homeless

(about 1% of the population)

> 1.35 million children sleep on the streets

> 59% homeless slept in automobiles

> 24% refuge in cardboard boxes, tents, caves or railcars

> 40% of homeless men have served in the US armed forces

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+ When > Ted Hayes founded Dome Village 13 years ago in downtown LA,

> He built temporary domes for 30 homeless people

- Most of the domes were homes for individuals or families, while others served community purposes such as men’s and women’s washrooms..

> Families and singles alike planted gardens, on the 1.25-acre lot holding 20 domes

- About 450 people have lived in the village since 1993.

- They cost $3,000 per structure and weigh only 1,500 pounds, which are made up of 21 fiberglass panels that will fit in the back of a pickup truck ,

- It takes two adults four hours using simple hand tools to erect the watertight, weatherproof and maintenance-free sphere that bolt together with 150 teflon bolts.

> Each dome is 20 feet in diameter, 12 feet tall

- Rent is $70 a month

- How did the homeless get to that state in the first place?

- Abuse, personal misfortune, despair, or illness

- Dome Village - moving from a bitter environment into a tiny cubical

+ We all need shelter for the soul

- We are made for more than just living in a dome

- Don’t stay in your dome (shell, cocoon)

+ ❶ My Dome On the Range


- We settle for a dome on the range

- A measure of security & protection

- Holding on to our sq. meter

- Not having all that can be ours

> Ezk 14:4-5 There Idols of the Heart and stumbling blocks hindering potential- Denying His claims

+ Jn 7:37-43 Denied his claims

- Have a portions of Jesus

- Or admit His claims but neglect to follow through

+ ❷ Life In My Dome


> In Opinion - Who is Jesus?

> In Trust - Focus on self

> In Love- Different aims & pleasures

> In Obedience & Character - When it suites & is convenient

> In Development - Growth is stunted – Tendency is weak

> In Destiny - As to where the end of this journey is

> Ezk 14:7 Separated from me

- We can talk the talk but are we walking the walk

- Be the walk & talk inside

+ ❸ Problem With My Dome


- It’s my place – I live without Christ

> Bowing to idols (word idols, found 6x)

> Pride,

> Worry,

> Greed,

> Ease

> Lust,

> Self-pity,

> Unbelief,

> Disobedience

- I hold unto my Idol Passions & Influences

- Seeking self serving gods

- Not daring to step out of my security

+ ❹ Moving Out of the Dome


x Ezk 14:6 - Repent – Turn yourself from your idols

> Following Jesus means I give my life to someone else

> Pleasing Him takes president over anything else

> Lordship means He is the source of everything I need

> Lordship means when I learn that difficulties & hardships are opportunities for Him to work

> Lordship means He is the obsession of my life

- Riding our lives f what seems OK but is not

- Living Above the Level of Mediocrity P. 236 ( Mexican river Rat thought to be a Chihuahua)

+ ❺ Living Beyond the Dome


x Ezk 14:1-3

- Seeking the Lord

- Something wrong if you want to stay in poverty

> It starts with the mind - The way I think

- What I think about Christ, Others,

- Grows in the way I act toward my family, work, money, marriage, attitudes, my world that I live in

> It Calls for Strong Discipline

- The way I act

- This has to do with the will

- Keeping moral tabs on ourselves

- Our eyes, ears, hands, and feet

- Refusing to let down the standards

+ Ronald Reagan - 1987 - Brandenburg Gate symbol of Berlin, Germany.

- “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall

> God calls us to tare down the idols of the heart

- When God wants to do an impossible task, He takes an impossible person (Peter or Paul) & crusher him.



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