Summary: : Becoming His Church: Don’t be surprised when God acts instead be committed to becoming His, expect Him to do great things, tell others what he has done and give him all the glory and praise.

I was raised Southern Baptist but in truth my mother raised me as a Methodist. I truly believe in the process of sanctification and perfection. As a preacher that means Sunday morning worship isn’t a one time event. I believe there is a connection and process to our worship time together. Therefore, I generally preach with an annual theme in mind. Even before I came here God gave me a passion for this year’s theme. The theme is “Becoming His.” I mentioned it last week. This theme will manifest itself during the year in several topics Becoming His Child, His Steward, His Gift, His Family and this is the second in the series on Becoming His Church. Now the interesting thing about Becoming His Church is that is not just about this building or this group of people. I am reminded of a song several years ago by a group called AVB – Accapella Vocal Band title “You can’t go to church because the church is you.” As we seek to become more and more His Church, we too as individual will become more and more like Him because we, you and I, are the church

Turn with me if you will to this morning’s text as found in Acts 3:1-13a.

Pentecost had happened. What a grand and glorious event. And I think it would have been tempting for Peter and the apostles to have decided they were done. I mean if I

They were committed to becoming His

They were on there way to becoming his – passing thru Beautiful to Holy

Physically – going to where God was

Mentally – focus on him not self

Spiritually – their own spiritual life not just the church

They were still seeking to grow as individuals

Sought a time of Prayer

Sought a time Learning

Sought a time of Worship

If Peter still needed it so do we

God used them – not when he was finished with them – during the process

Looked at people, heard, and saw the man

That sigh of a discouraged co-worker.

That person that lashes out at everyone (Hurting people hurt people.)

That one who is a little too quiet today.

That family member who is going through something not too many people know about. That person at church who makes a prayer request.

Saw His need – not just for a few coins

They wanted the lame man to see them-because they knew when they saw them he would see

Christ – Look at us

They expected God to do Great Things


in their calling

in God’s Power

in Jesus Word – anything in my name,

Weren’t fixated on what they didn’t have but on what they did have

Not money


Us – We think to small, we try to do too much and expect God to do little

Up to us ,caught up in the business of church without the mighty power of God work in the

church – illustration church clean up –

A church organised a big clean-up day. Several ladies showed up with vacuum cleaners to clean the sanctuary. After an hour of hard work one lady noticed that her machine wasn’t working. She flicked the switch and nothing happened. She turned to notice that the whole time she had been working so hard her vacuum cleaner was not plugged in but she hadn’t noticed because all the noise of the other machines!

when the power is turn on with in us we can be God’s vessel to do great things

God’s work surpasses human effort

Tell other’s what God is doing and give him all the glory and praise

Closing: Jesse, The Great

Communion – just take communion or expect to meet God and God to do something

They were where they needed to be physical, spiritually, mentally

On their way to prayer – after Pentecost didn’t they already do enough, perhaps drained, went to the temple, went to pray - Sometimes God works in extra-ordinary ways on extra-ordinary days. – their routine spent time with God. There are times when the Holy Spirit comes to us in dramatic ways, such as with flames of fire and the blowing of a great wind.

But God also works in just every day ordinary ways.

Saw the man at the gate beautiful – Josephus

Three thousand to personal

Saw his real need

Willing to get involved

Active in the Work of God

Looking for opportunity to glorify Himn

Offered a hand to the man – peter did his work, the man did his and God did his -- When Peter told the man to "walk, in the Name of Jesus"...evidently this man just sat there. He knew that he couldn’t walk. So Peter took him by the hand and helped him to his feet.

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