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“Day and night I’ll stick with God; I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go.” Psalm 16:8

King David records his most intimate thoughts in the writings of the Psalms. He begins Psalm 16 with a declaration that the Almighty God is in control of his life, and seeks him for safety. This is not an ordinary man that must endure ordinary struggles, but remember David is “A Man After God’s Own Heart” who experienced heightened levels of trials, tribulations, wars and more. Yet in everything – David held on to what was most important – his relationship with Almighty God.

King David knew and believed that God had a plan for his life that surpassed anything the adversaries ever tried, spoke or sought after. My friend, you and I are in a similar place in God’s kingdom. We have had to endure trials and tribulations that seemed to have enough strength to weigh us down, but every time we place God as the priority he delivers miracles, signs and wonders. Similarly to the situation with David, there will be some people, situations and circumstances that will attempt to bring you down, but you must declare like David “I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go.”

Regardless of how difficult opposition may rise, remember that the Almighty God has a purpose and plan to far exceed anything of the world and its leverages. When you stand firm in the relationship with God, he gives you power to overcome, excel and exceed. If you don’t believe me, try him for yourself! There’s not a better time to find out than right now.

I serve a vast amount of people through the local church, online ministry, Morning Manna and the evangelistic work that God has called me to and every day I meet people that are struggling through the vicissitudes of life. In this economy, there are so many people that have obligations that exceed net income, have struggles that appear to be greater than their strengths and have found themselves in issues that can cause depression and oppression but there is one thing that keeps them going – their relationship with God.

Your relationship with Almighty God is what allows you to be a beneficiary of grace, even while you may deserve justice for actions, thoughts and words shared. Your relationship with Almighty God is what keeps you joyful in the midst of sorrow, and gives you peace when confusion abounds. There is nothing more precious than having an intimate relationship with God.

The adversarial forces are not trying to take away your health and wealth for earthly reasons, it is to destroy the relationship you have with God. Although there are some times that it would be easy to give in to the world’s way of handling issues, we as the people of God must take a stand that nothing is worth breaking our covenant with Almighty God.

I could stoop to the devil’s level and join him in the fight, but it’s not worth it.

I could give up and use the tactics of the world to get ahead, but it’s not worth it.

I could rely on man’s systems instead of God’s promises, but it’s not worth it.

Our lives are not guided simply by the actions in the earthly realm, but we are pressing forward that one day we will transition from earth to glory. There is nothing worth us giving up our seats in the kingdom or our stars in the crowns. As friends of God, he has a plan to prosper us, give us hope and an expected bright future; do not allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of fulfilling the promise God has for your life. You are called to greater. As you journey throughout the remainder of this week, remember the words of this particular Psalm. Your connection with Almighty God has established a good thing in your life. You have more than enough of everything and there is an established plan to transition all adverse moments for your ultimate good. It’s a good thing you have, so I caution you to hold it dear to your heart. Keep your relationship with God as your primary focus and priority. Most of all, don’t let go.

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Pastor Jennings

commented on Jul 28, 2017

Praise the Lord Delishia, this is a very encouraging word for our times, Psalm 16:8 is one of the scriptures I count on in the valleys of life. I pray your strength in the Lord Jesus Christ, continue to share His word to the people. God bless and keep you strong. Pastor Jennings

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