Summary: A call to look upon others with the eyes of Christ.

Don’t Play Favorites

James 2:1-13

I. Favortism

A. Showing respect or honor based on social status or position

B. Warned against repeatedly in scripture

II. We are quick to judge by outward appearances

A. Clothes

B. Jewelry

C. Cars

D. House

III. We give favor based on these ideas of status

A. Country club vs. soup kitchen

B. Jacket and tie required vs. come as you are

IV. Status does not warrant any differentiation in treatment

A. In God’s eyes we are all on a level playing field

B. Jesus Christ died for you no matter what status in life you have.

V. The faith of the poor, the trials of the rich

A. A person who has forced to rely soley upon the Lord

B. Even though a person is worldly poor they are rich in God’s glory

C. We tend to turn our nose to those who are poor, but hardship is brought about

by the greed of man...(lawsuits, debt, etc.....)

D. The rich are the mockers of our Lord...(hollywood, the media)

VI. Love your neighbor....

A. Whatever you do for yourself do for others

B. If you show favortism or will not do for have sinned

C. Christ loved us unconditionally and freely

VII. There is no severity scale in sin

A. To break one, is to break them all

B. Strive to live holy in all areas of your life

VIII. If we seek to live as we ought

A. We will find the mercy of God

B. If we are unmerciful...God will judge us accordingly.

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