Summary: This sermon takes a look at the transfiguration on Jesus in comparison to a football game.

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Matthew 17: 1 – 9 / Don’t Be Afraid!

Intro: Since today is Super Bowl Sunday, I thought it would be fitting to look at the text from that vantage point. --- When I was in high school, we had a pep rally before every “BIG” game. The purpose was appreciating and supporting the team. People weren’t there looking for what they could get out of it, there were there to be a part of it. For these disciples, the trip up the mountain was like the pep rally before the big game, which would center on the cross of Calvary and the empty tomb.

I. Vs. 1 - Jesus chooses his key players and heads for the mountain.

A. It reminds me of the coin toss before the game that decides which team will kick of first. Nine times out of ten, the winner of the coin toss chooses to receive.

B. Instead of taking control of the “game” and kicking off their ministry, they decided to receive.

C. We also must be willing to receive instructions from the coach, Christ Jesus.

II. VSS. 2 – 4 – Jesus knew the importance of the huddle.

A. In football the goal of the huddle is to give you thirty seconds to call the play. It is important because it puts everyone on the same page.

B. The huddle of Elijah, Moses and Jesus was witnessed by the disciples sitting on the sideline. They had no clue what the play was. But impetuous Peter was going to call his own play. (VS. 4)

C. We are often like Peter wanting to call our own plays instead of being a part of the team and receiving instructions in the “huddle” with God.

III. Vs. 5 – While Peter was trying to make his own play, the owner called the play. “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well please. Listen to Him.”

A. In essence, God told Peter to sit down, shut up and listen! He gave him a warning sign.

B. Warning signs: theater lights dim, yellow light at intersection, those HMMMM moments.

C. When you’re standing on the mountaintop and God interrupts you, it’s a good sign that you might want to be quiet and prepare yourself for what’s about to happen.

Conclu: Starting this Wednesday, we should be pausing to listen. For 40 days not including Sundays, we have this time to get ready by being quiet and listening for God to direct our steps. Vs. 7 – “But Jesus came and touched them. Get Up, he said. Don’t be afraid.”

We need not be afraid of the future, afraid of failure, or afraid of trying. VS. 8 “When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus.” Keep your eyes upon Jesus, the captain of the team. Follow His directions as he calls the plays and we have victory.

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