Summary: Reasons you should not be ashamed of the gospel.

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Sermon Series: The Book of Romans 10/31/2004

Don’t Be Ashamed of the Gospel

Text: Romans 1:16-23

Introduction: In Europe there is a book that is a “Christian” bestseller, that is being read by millions of church going people. It is having a major impact in the churches. The book is called Postmodern Christianity. The main premise of the book is that society has changed so much that beliefs that the general public used to believe are no longer believable. There are just certain doctrines that people will not believe about Christianity and the Bible. So the book says that in order for Christians to reach people, and in order for us to fill our churches, we must throw out much of the teachings that we once clung to. The book says we need to quit teaching and preaching about hell, and sin, and the wrath of God. All we need to emphasize is the love of Jesus. This, the book says, this will help us to grow our churches. If it hasn’t reach the US yet, this book will be here soon. Friends as good as that may sound, it is dangerous heresy. You see you may fill up your church like that, because there is nothing threatening about that message, it distorts the gospel message. The gospel tells us that we are sinners, and in danger, and that we need to be saved from the wrath of God. If we do not preach and teach that, than we teach a distorted gospel and we deceive people. So while we may fill our churches, we would be filling our church rolls with lost people. People need the plain and simple gospel without watering it down. It is a message of salvation for all who believe and repent of their sins. So I am not ashamed to preach the whole gospel of Christ. I will not water it down. And this is what Paul preached and taught. He taught the sinfulness of man and the wrath of God to come.

Read with me if you would Romans 1:16-25

Two weeks ago as we began looking into the book of Romans, I told you that I believe the theme verse for Romans is Romans 1:16. Paul told the Romans that he was by no means ashamed of the gospel. And I want to show you today that we likewise must not compromise on the teaching of the gospel. Even though it may be offensive to society we must not be ashamed. Why? Well to answer that question let’s look at three reasons Paul says he was not ashamed of the gospel.

The first reason he was not ashamed of the gospel was because:

The Gospel is the Power of God to Salvation for Everyone Who Believes. (vs. 16)

The Gospel message is very powerful. We looked last week at the incredible power of the gospel to change a person’s life. We saw how such an incredible change took place in Paul’s life. A man that once persecuted the church was apprehended by God and began to be used by God to grow his church.

Paul had first hand experience about the changing power of the gospel. And so he was not going to compromise the message. He would proclaim it full strength and not water it down.

I am afraid that today too many people and churches are watering down the gospel to make it more palatable for people. It no longer is an offense. My friends we must present the gospel message boldly and unashamedly, because it is the only way that man may be saved. The gospel presents the only way for man to be saved.

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