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Summary: How to avoid making ourselves an easy target for Satan

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“Don’t Become an Easy Lunch”

Experience with a black bear in Yosemite National Park

• Love the natural beauty of North America

• Entrance to Yosemite – has to be one of the most spectacular spots on earth

• El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite falls, great hikes in the alpine areas

• First went there with a group of students in the summer of 1975

• After visiting the valley and seeing all the sights, we followed the road up into the surrounding mountains to this pristine lake high up in the mountains, Tanaya lake

• Going to spend the night there

• Put up a tent, ranger came around and warned us about leaving any food out because of the bears

• Such a nice night, full moon, deer in small clearing, most of us decided to sleep outside on the small beach

• About 1:00am, there was this almighty crash right beside us

• Japanese couple in the camp site just next to us had left there big “cooler” on the picnic table

• Black bear had come along with its cubs looking for an easy lunch – and found it

• She had knocked the cooler off the table onto the ground

• A couple of us got up to take a look and here was this bear rummaging through the cooler contents

• We yelled out “Hey it’s a bear”

• One of our European girls in our group decided to make a run for it, without getting out of her sleeping bag

• She disappeared down the beach trying to run in her bag, until she realized no one was with her and then decided there was more safety in numbers and came hobbling back

• Meanwhile the Japanese couple where trying to protect themselves in their small two man tent

• Initially there was this frantic attempt to close up all the zippers on the tent

• We’re watching all this from behind a couple of bushes that separated their camp site from ours, so we were only about 10 -12 feet away

• Then they decided to try to scare it away with their flashlight

• The guy unzipped the tent enough so he could flash the bear in the face

• Of course the bear didn’t take any notice. She had found the big cake this couple had bought with them and was having a good time devouring it

• Eventually we decided to help out, so we got the only weapon we had, a hammer to drive in the tent pegs, and three of us advanced on the bear yelling and screaming

• Fortunately it decided to leave rather than fight, not sure what we would have done if it turned on us

• About an hour later just as we had all settled down again we heard the bear rumbling around helping herself to the leftover cake

• We all went to sleep

• The next morning we had the Japanese couple over for breakfast as they had no food left

This Japanese couple made it easy for the bear –she got herself a lunch with hardly any effort at all – the cooler was right our there ready for the taking

• The Bible tells us about someone who is like this bear looking to have you and I for lunch

1 Peter 5:8-9 Be sober, be vigilant; (Be on your guard and stay awake – NCV) because your adversary (Or enemy) the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.

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