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Summary: A day after Christmas sermon based on the faithfulness of Jospeh

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What a weekend it has been? Can you believe it is all over for another year?

All over for another year. No it is most certainly not!!!

What do you think that’s it? Do you think that Jesus boils down to Christmas and Easter.


Boxing day has really lost its significance. Some say it was a day you packed your unwanted gifts back in their boxes and returned them to the stores. Others say it is a day where the left overs were packed into boxes and given to the poor.

I say it is a reminder to us how we as humans box Christ. A little on Sunday mornings, a whole heap on Christmas, a bit at easter and bobs your uncle hey presto we are Christians.


Ok so the kid is now about a year and a half. Enter stage right the three wise men.

READ MATTHEW 2 beginning parts

Herod was disturbed. All know Christ was not the only thing that made him disturbed. He had killed his own sons to retain rulership.

He gave the decree two years and younger. So Christ was no longer a newborn.

So Jesus was probably walking already, maybe not on water, but he was walking. Maybe already potty trained, I mean these things came easily to him, I mean he the son of God!


The Wise men enter and instead of telling on the little boy they warn him.

So they get going home. Bethlehem was a great place but hey home is always good, especially when Herod is looking in Bethlehem to dispose of your son.


Joseph shunned by family

Joseph trek to Bethlehem

And now Joseph on the run


Joseph in the mean time has another mind blowing message. READ 2:13

So the plans change again – Egypt


Story of flood passed down, do you think the story of Moses was not alive and well in Egypt. Refugee’s not in the nicest land to dwell in…


2-3 years on. Joseph now starts wondering can he go back should he go back. Well who else better to ask the God. Immediate direction READ MATTHEW 2:19

HOSEA 11:1 (750 years before Christ birth) Prep huge. Israelites coming out of Egypt?


More direction - READ MATTHEW 2:22-23 (Is 11:1)


Nothing again…until he was a boy…


Why all this hassle?

Take on a wife that was the mother to Christ the Messiah – life never the quiet carpenter

Take on a son that would not really ever be his

Well the answer lies in a scripture that shows his obedience. READ MT 1:25

The Name of Christ


He LIVED it. He did not box Jesus. He did not go through the motions of getting from one Christmas to another. HE LIVED JESUS.

No matter what you are living through, do what Joseph did. Listen. Yes he ahd angels and visions and dreams. But so can you.

You need to get down on those knees and introduce yourself to God again. Hi Dad Remember me?

I am the prodigal son, and I am home.

EVERY DAY. Don’t box him.

Box Christ and you will box with Christ!

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