Summary: You made a vow to the Lord don’t break that promise.

“Don’t Break Your Promise”

Matt: 26: 33 & 69-74

Ø Promise: An undertaking, declaration, and indication that something will or will not be done. It can be either written or verbal.

** When you make a promise you are giving your word on it. When you buy a car or home you sign a Promissory Note, which states that I will give company z x amount of money for the next ___ months until this item is paid in full. If you keep your promise and do what you said, you build what is called credit, and when it comes time for you to try to get more money, they look at the promise you made, and if you keep the promise you can usually get the money, but if you don’t keep your promise, not only do you not get more, but may even have what you already have taken away. WHY because you broke your promise.

Ø Liar: A person that tells false truths. The Bible says in Proverbs 6:16 that God hates a liar. John 8:44 – If you lie ye are of the your father the devil… for he is the father of it

When we look at Peter we find:

1. He is named first in all four listing of the apostles.

There is power and authority that goes with the first position.

2. He was a man full of Faith.

3. He was the spokesman for the apostles.

4. He was Blessed. Jesus said Blessed art thou……..

5. He was given the keys to the kingdom.

6. He along with James and John witnessed the transfiguration.

7. He rebuked Jesus.

8. He sought wisdom. He asked Jesus to explain the parable.

9. He was boastful.

10. Brave

11. Quick tempered

12. Good with the sword. He cut the mans ear off.

** But when Peter’s back got against the wall he forgot all that God had done for him.

He forgot how he fished all night long

He forgot how he was sinking deep in sin

He forgot how when he couldn’t pay his taxes

He forgot the promise he made

It’s easy to make the promise when every thing is going well, but when his back got up against the wall a little girl by the campfire caused him to break his promise.

The Bible says: and a damsel came unto him saying; Thou also wast with Jesus of Galilee.

The word Damsel comes from the Greek word Korasion: little girl usually no older than 15 years old.

Many are like this. We use to sing a song I made a vow to the Lord and I won’t take it back. We testify and ask God for all kinds of things, and he blesses us, but the minute our backs get against the wall we forget the promise we made.

We say Lord if you give me this job I promise I’ll pay my tithes but you’ve been on the job 10 years and have not paid tithe 1, you broke your promise.

But thank God that he is not like man, he doesn’t reposes our stuff, he doesn’t say that we can’t have anymore because we didn’t keep our promise, but he works with us and gives us a second chance.

Just like Peter he gave he a second chance and when he got himself in the right position and the Holy Ghost was full in him he

Began to speak boldly to the same ones that had just crucified Jesus a few days before that they needed to repent for their sins.

No doubt someone said aren’t you the one that denied he, he said yes, well how can you be telling us to repent and follow Jesus we will do the same thing to you. Peter said I made a vow to the Lord and I won’t take it back.

I think about the 3 Hebrew Boys, they were facing what seemed to be certain death, but they said I made a vow.

I think about Job. He said I promised him that I would serve him till I die.

Don’t break you promise.

Elder Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr.

Boanerge Ministries

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