Summary: Before Jesus returned to heaven he gave His disciples everything they would need to start the fire that would "burn into" the church, but what does that mean for us today?

"Don’t Burnout…Just Burn"

Acts 1: 1-8

I. Intro.

A)Pastor to the church board:

Bad news: the church burned down last Sunday

Good news: no one complained that the Sanctuary was too cold!

B)To say the Sanctuary is on fire is a mostly true statement

1)The Fire Triangle(Fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen in order to burn)

2)We have oxygen and fuel; the only thing missing is heat

The book of Acts is all about how the “fire of Christianity” started and spread

II Read Text: Acts 1: 1-8

A)This is why Jesus spent time with His disciples

1)Not so much to prepare them for the kingdom but for their work on earth

B)The Disciples still don’t get it (vs 6)

1)Disciples looking for what Jesus would do.

2)Jesus teaching them not what He would do, but what God would do through them.(Not Jesus doing but the Disciples doing)

C)Jesus Gave the Disciples everything they needed to start a fire

1)Boldness and confidence from time spent with Him (vs 3)

(Illustration: if you have lived where it snows, you will boldly and confidently defend the reality of snow to anyone who says it is not real. Reason: you have shoveled it, played in it, driven in it and interacted with it. The disciples could say the same when it came to Jesus Because of the convincing proofs He offered in the 40 days he appeared to them.)

2) Promise of Holy Spirit (vs 8a)

3) Mission…a call to action (vs 8b)

III. Today I want to look at the "Christian Fire triangle" (personal and for the church)

Heat = Action

Fuel = Corporate worship / Bible study / prayer

Oxygen = Holy Spirit

A)It has been said, “That guy is on fire for the Lord.” Or, “That church is on fire!” Look at a person or a church that is “on fire” and you will see all three of these things.

B)Prioritize list Biblically

Stress that all are important. If one is gone the fire doesn’t burn. However, there seems to be a biblical order to their importance.

1) Holy Spirit

2) Action (book of Acts records more action than it does worship)

3) Worship / Study / and prayer (Again it is important)

C)Balance also important!

1)Lower Explosive Limits (LEL’s)fuel is present but not enough fuel for combustion

2)Upper Explosive Limits (UEL’s)Again, fuel is present but in this case there is too much fuel for combustion

a)Example: Flooded Engine

D)There is such a thing as too much worship / study / and prayer. Yes it is part of the Christian Fire Triangle and thus is necessary and important. But have we placed too much emphasis on its significance? Have we reached the UEL of our Christian Fire Triangle Fuel?

1)Revisit the Sanctuary on fire.

a)Fuel and Oxygen but no heat

2)Is our Church on fire?

a)Holy Spirit (Oxygen) and many opportunities for worship, study, etc.(fuel) but do we have any heat? (Action)

Perhaps a better question is “Are you on fire?”

IV. Are you frustrated or burnt out as a Christian?

A)Remember a Fire burns out when 1 or more of the triangle is gone.

b)Christian Fire Triangle

1)Burnout happens when one or more of the Christian Fire Triangle is missing Or out of balance

V. Are you burnt out on ministry or the church?

A)Again 1 or more of the Christian Fire Triangle is missing. Or, all are present just out of balance

1)Most often it is too much heat (action)

(Illustration: You can only squeeze so much water out of a sponge. But if a sponge is always full of water and never squeezed it becomes rotten and starts to smell)

Don’t burnout…just burn! The fire started in book of Acts is still burning over 2000 years later! I doubt it will stop.

VI. Action Steps

A)Are you on fire?

B)Are you burning completely?

C)Examine your Spiritual Fire Triangle

1)Are all the elements in place?

2)Are they in balance?

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