Summary: Christian Prayer Life


1 SAM. 1:26-28

Prayer is serious business!!

When it comes to praying, many find themselves without, because of the fact that prayer is not a priority in your life.

Prayer should be as common as putting on your clothes. Each day those that are called by His name should not have to remember to pray, but prayer should come natural in your daily walk.

There is a rule when it comes to prayer:

Little prayer – few blessings / much prayer - many blessings.

When your prayer life is not what it should be -- many times christians miss out on what God has to offer.

Think about it: When you fail to talk to your Father, whom has all that you need, how much one can suffer. Matt. 7:7a Ask and it shall be given you .. . . And I believe that James must have been standing around when Matthew spoke those words, for he went on to say in James 4:2b – Ye have not because ye ask not.

This should lead us to believe that – we have not that inwhich we need, because we fail to ask God. Perhaps you may be things I have all that I need. . . WELL, needs go farther than material goods. . As we live from day to day we find that there are other necessities that God will give.

If you need Joy – Ask God

If you are looking for peace – Ask God

If love is lacking – Ask God

If you are short on patience – Ask God

If trouble is in your way – Ask God

If there are problems in your life – Ask God

If you are lonely – Ask God

If you find yourself crying – Ask God

If your body is in need of a healing – Ask God

If your soul need saving – Ask God

When you ask God – then truly you can join in with Paul in Phil. 4:19 in saying: But my God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory.

So don’t just stand there – pray something

In our text this hour – Hannah – was a true believer in God and in Prayer

There was man named Elkanah. . . Elkanah had two wives .. . One named Peninnah and the other named Hannah. . . . Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children. I feel I need to stop here and advise you that God will suffer you not to have – so that you can learn to lean and depend on Him. . .

Every year Elkannah would go up to the temple at Shiloh to worship and sacrifice. During this time Elkannah would issue portions or provisions to his wives. . .To Peninnah – Elkannah would give enough for her – and her sons and daughters – But because of his love for Hannah – Elkannah would give her a worthy portion. . . .

But I’ve found that sometimes you can receive an abundance of material things – but this does not satisfy that inner yearning to satisfy the soul. There are somethings that only prayer can suffice.

Notice in v-5,6 how others will treat you when they learn that you are in need. . .

Peninnah had children – but Hannah womb was shut up and she had no children . . . Because of this — Peninnah would meddle and provoke Hannah. I need you to notice also that – there is no certain place that people will provoke you or talk about you. . . You will be talked about in the church – you will be talked about in the street – you will be talked about at home – LOOK where this provoking took place – It was in the Church. . . In Hebrew times it was considered a curse for a woman to be childless – and can’t you hear Peninnah sounding like satan when he come to you intimidating you for what you don’t have. . . . Can’t you hear him telling you to turn your back on God – God is not going to bless you —

All this provoking caused Hannah to cry – to loose her appetite – Have you ever been there?

Will cause you to want to be by yourself – not talk to anyone – Have you ever been there?

But when we find ourselves in this manner – we ought to all be like Hannah – Don’t just stand there – pray something. . . .

When you don’t allow provoking to hinder you – God will send someone by to encourage you.

In v-8 Hannah’s husband was concerned – saying to her — Hannah, why weepest thou? and why eatest thou not? and why is thy heart grieved? am not I better to thee than ten sons?

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