Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Encouragement while going through the troubles of life


Job 14:1

Trouble and prayer are closely related to each other. Prayer is of great value to trouble.

Trouble often drives men to God in prayer.

While prayer is but the voice of men in trouble

There is great value in prayer in the time of trouble.

Prayer often delivers out of trouble, and still often gives strength to bear trouble

Prayer ministers comfort in trouble and begets patience in the midst of trouble.

Wise is he in the day of trouble who knows his true source of strength and who fails not to pray.

Trouble belongs to the present state of man on earth. . . Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.

Trouble is common to man.

There is no exception in any age, creed or color, rich or poor alike; the learned and the ignorant B one and all are partakers of trouble.

There has been no temptation taken you but such as common to man. The day of trouble dawns on every one at some point and time in his life. The evil days come and the years draw near - when the heart feels its heavy pressure.

There is a false view given to life if one expects nothing but sunshine, and looks for pleasure and ease. these are those that become disappointed and surprised when trouble breaks into their lives. I=ve found that these are those that neither know God nor trust Him.

Those that know God realize that trouble is nothing but God’s disciplinary dealings with His people and those who are prayerless.

I find that trouble is infinite in variety; How diversified the experiences of men in the school of trouble!! No two people have the same troubles under the sun; God deals with no two of His children in the same way. As God varies the treatment of His treatment -- so is trouble varied. God does not repeat Himself B neither does He run in a rut. He has not one pattern of every child; but trouble is proportioned to each child. ---- Each child of God is dealt with according to his own peculiar case.

Trouble is God’s servant; doing His will

Trouble is under the control of Almighty God; and is one of His most efficient agents in fulfilling His purpose of perfecting the saints..

As God is in control of trouble; don’t think that God directs and orders unpleasant experiences of life. God is not responsible for every painful and afflicting thing that comes into the lives of His people; and no trouble is turned loose in this world without Divine permission as to do its painful work in carrying out His gracious designs of redemption.

Trouble is neither above God nor beyond His control. For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.

Even the evils brought about by the forces of nature are God’s servants; carrying out His will..

God used great armies of insect to inflict, discipline, convince and correct Pharoah and his people.

Perhaps we should be mindful today of the crickets, ants and bees; maybe God is trying to tell us something.

Trouble is not sinful in itself; neither is it the evidence of sin; The good and bad alike experience trouble. As the rain falls on the just and the unjust; so likewise comes trouble to the righteous and the wicked.

The life of Job is living proof; where God shown deep piety ; yet permitted satan to afflict him beyond measure.

Listen to this; Trouble has no power in self to interfere with the relationship of a saint to God.

AWho shall separate us from the love of God? Shall tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril or sword - separate us from the Word of God.

Trouble covers all the painful sorrowing and grievous events of life

There will come a time when trouble shall be the lot of all men. My brothers and sisters; don’t let old man trouble get you down..

Trouble does not arise by chance; neither does it occur by what men call "accident"

Trouble cometh not forth of the dust; neither does trouble spring out of the ground;

Yet man that is born of a woman is of a few days, and full of trouble.

Trouble naturally belongs to God’s moral government, and is one of His invaluable agents in governing the world.

I’ve found that we bring on trouble in a variety of ways

Some concede trouble in the imagination of their mind

Others are victims of past troubles; whereas worry plays it’s part in bring on more trouble

some troubles are self originated; we are their authors

Some troubles originate involuntarily; arising form ignorance and carlessness.

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