Summary: There are many hindrances to seed sowing. But we are encouraged that we shall reap a harvest in due time.

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Intro. We sow in tears but we reap in Joy. It is this joyful anticipation that keep us from becoming weary in ministry. There are many hindrances to seed sowing.The sower can become weary with the journey. The soil of the human heart can become hard. The adverse winds of confusion can become fierce in the life of sower. The young tender plant often become choked by the thorns and thistles. The hot sun of pride can blind the receptivity of the human mind. Then there is the enemy who comes but to steal and the destroy the fertility from the Lord’s field. But if the sower can keep sowing, nothing can prevent a due time harvest. The believer’s toil is boosted by God’s promise that a harvest will come. What is the seed? God’s Word is the true the SEED of life. His words compares greatly to the seed. The seed has life within it self. A seed will grow in the worst conditions. It almost seems that seeds invites adversity. Throw a seed in the neighbor’s yard and the neighbor will reap a harvest. Drop a seed in the darkest valley and plant will come up. Rain, lightning, and thunder will cause a seed to grow. Bury a seed in the earth and it will burst forth into new life. Let the wind blow a seed and it will result in scattered harvest. Step on a seed and it will grow after you pass. A seed grows in silence; it needs no noise to grow. There is a biblical principle in this text, If God’s word is in you; trouble will cause the seed to come forth in your heart. Rain will nourish the seed in you. Wind will awaken the seed in you. Digging and excavating will uncover the seed in you. In other words, let your trouble nourish the seed in your heart. Let us consider the following:

I. The Determination of Seed-Sowing in Ministry.(vs 1)

A. Problems of life.

B. Preciousness of faith.

C. Precepts of the Scriptue.

II. The Demands of Seed-sowing. (vs 6)

A. The pursuit...(He that goeth forth)

B. The pain...(and weepeth)

C. The purpose...(bearing precious seed)

III. The Detriment of Seed-sowing. (vs 1)

A. Complacency.

B. Criticism.

C. Carnality.

IV. The Dynamics of Seed-sowing. (vs 3-5)

A. Past Blessings.

B. Prospective Blessings.

C. Promised Blessings.

IV. The Delight of Seed-sowing. (vs6)

A. The surety (shall doubtless)

B. The strenght (come again)

C. The Sheaves (brings his sheaves with him)

V. The Display of Divine Harvest. (vs 2)

A. Joyful laughter.

B. Jubilant singing.

C. Journalized the Lord’s Faithfulness.

Conclusion: God is faithful concerning His promises. His promise of a harvest makes all our toil worthwhile. Preachers, keep preaching. Quoirs, keep singing. Deacons, keep serving. Worshippers, keep worshipping. Teachers, keep teaching. Ushers, keep welcoming men to God’s house. This, the Bible promises; that our labor will not be in vain.

May God Bless and Keep You.

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, La. 70057

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