Summary: When we feel alone and abandoned we must remember that God has not forgotten us. He is an ever present help in our time of need and he is always up to something in our lives.

Don’t Let Your Dream Die In The Pit

Gen. 37

• As Humans we like or tend to focus on the NEGATIVE

• We like to look at the negative as if it tells the whole story

o Each one of us tonight sit in this place as an incomplete story.



o If it wasn’t for the negative GOD couldn’t show out like He does

o If it wasn’t for the negative He couldn’t bust into the middle of your situation and blow you mind with His awesome power

o He couldn’t just turn the negative into a positive like He does


o In order to understand the negative we first must understand Darkness

• The Understanding of Darkness (Gen. 1:2)

o Darkness is the image and the appearance of everything negative.

o Darkness is an opportunist.

 Seizing every moment that is available.

o Darkness is a very dominant force to be reckoned with.

 Because it is so powerful its stubborn.


o If we go back and look it was in a negative situation where the Bible begins recording.

 The very story of creation begins with a negative.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. 2 And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

 The very first recorded act of God was in the dark.

• Why? Because what He was working on wasn’t ready for the light.

• The Dark Room

o As we take a picture there is a very quick yet small burst of light onto the roll of film.

 This image is burned into the film and it awaits to go through the process of development

o The process of development must be taken in an environment that will insure that the image will be preserved.

 And that all necessary measures must be taken to protect the image from premature light.

o This piece of film that goes through the process of the dark room is called a negative.

o After all of the solvents and solutions it’s been through

 After the fan and the drying has taken place and now the negative has light applied to it.

 The positive image begins to come forth

• Something that was preserved by darkness

• Something that was there all along …you just couldn’t see it

• Don’t let your dream die in the pit

o God wants to develop you

 He sees what your not and he wants to make you what you could be

o Don’t fight the pit

 He sees a diamond in the rough

o Don’t fight the pit

• The pit

o The pit is a place separation

o The pit is a place of darkness

o The pit is a dry place

o The pit is a place in the wilderness

 In the midst of a barren land

o The pit is a place where you loose your identity

o The pit is a place where you feel cut off

• Don’t fight the pit

 Even though the pit is full of the negative it can only produce the positive

o The pit comes to us in many forms

 All of us at some time or another have found ourselves in the pit

• If your having problems with your children ---your in a pit

• If your in a place of confusion ----your in a pit

• If your battling financial problems ---your in a pit

• If your battling material problems ----your in a pit

o You cant get discouraged in the pit

• Many men of God through-out the Word have found themselves in the pit

o Moses asked to see the glory of God

 Moses found himself between a rock and a hard place with the hand of God covering the only way out. (ex. 34)

 Job

• Lost everything he had ..yet he kept on praising God

 The three Hebrew children

• Found themselves in a fiery furnace

o Yet there was a Fourth Man in The Fire

 Daniel found himself in the lions den

• But the angel shut the lions mouth

 Jonah – found himself in a pit of his own doing

• 3 days in the belly of the whale

 Paul and Silas –found themselves in prison

• But even though the circumstance they still had a praise

 Peter found himself in jail

• But he had such a steady assurance in God that he fell asleep

o The angel had to smite him to get him up

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