Summary: If we will maintain a direction of love by stepping up, join up, pay up, give up, and God up we will never lose our bearings.

Romans 13:8-14 “Don’t Lose Your Bearings?”

Max Lucado visited Manhattan on 9/21/01, ten days after life was dramatically altered by planes tearing into the Pentagon and The World Trade Center Towers. While he was there a friend asked a taxi driver how he had been affected by the tragedy. He said, "I keep getting lost. Typically I could always look up at the towers and get by bearings. And now I can't get my bearings anymore."

That day there were courageous people who took risks, unselfish behavior, firefighters and first responders rushed into the towers while others were rushing out, policemen helped people while the building was crushing down on them, citizens donated blood and came from all over the US to help anyway they could. The Hurricane Harvey and Erma tell us that humanity is still humanity they have never lost their bearings by helping and loving that is what Paul encourages the people of Rome never lose your bearings. In order to keep your bearing Rome Step UP Love, Join Up enlist in assistance, Pay Up, Give UP, and God Up.

1. Paul is convinced in order to keep ones bearings one needs to Step Up their Love because this is a serious time perhaps likened unto 911, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Erma

• For Paul it’s time to step up, He records the following Romans 12:9Love must be sincere. (This is serious times folks that’s what Paul believes) Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

• 10Be devoted to one another in brotherly love because today might be the day! Know the time, says Paul says, “It’s high Time To Awake out of Sleep” Step up Love and you will not lose your bearings.

2. For Paul Love is to Join Up He uses the image of a warrior “Put On The Armor of The Light”

• Enlist in assistance (JJ Watts story) to the Saints and provide hospitality for strangers.

• If one has enlisted in living a love type life or walking in love, one rejoices with those who are joyful and at the same time weeps with those who are mourning.

• If one will Join Up and Put on the Armor of The Lord “You won’t lose your bearings”

3. Paul believes Love is something we must pay up [8]Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that

loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

• There are always certain things due to certain people -- taxes, revenue, reverence and honor. However, love is owed to all despite their position

• If we keep this thought about Love owed to all we will never lose our bearings.

4. Paul believes we will never lose our bearings if we give up

• Give Up dead walking Don’t be a dead walker Engage Cell phone elderly lady tells a young

man on cell as he crosses road “Engage”

• Give UP Dead Walking, You will never lose your bearings if you become a God Walker 10Loveing which does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. Paul believes Love Gives up Dead Walking and becomes a God Walker one who give themselves to God

5. Paul believes we will never lose our bearings if we God up, now is the time. gives us an idea of

time Kairos it is a time appointed by God. Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical or opportune moment

• 11And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up or God UP from your slumber

• Paul says Its Time (to awake God UP ) is a Greek construction that emphasizes the right time to do something. God is at hand, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.

6. Finally Paul sums up, It’s Important to Love Now. One might say it is Now Time

• If you Live Love Now you will not lose your bearings 12The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.

• Paul feels strongly you will never lose your bearings if One Steps Up their love, Joins Up or enlists in living a love type life, Pay UP a debt that can never be paid Love, Give Up Dead Walking become a God Walker recall God is Love,

• And God Up (clothe yourselves with Jesus) He is the GOAT Its Now Time to be clothed "wear" the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting in his power to defeat ultimately all powers that war against God and God's people

• Step UP, Join UP, Pay UP, Give Up, and God UP and we will never lose our bearings

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