Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series


I. Things That Makes us sick:

1. Old food gives us salmonila poisoning.

2. Viruses

3. Eating spicy foods

II. Let's talk about what makes Jesus sick. (verse 14)

1. Lukewarm christians make him sick.

2.(verse 15)Laodicean was neither Hot for the Lord, nor Cold against him.

3. Like Christians today, just going through the motions.

4.(verse 16) Jesus says lukewarm christians make him sick!

5. We are lukewarm if we are half willing or just going through the motions. He would rather us be cold against him than be lukewarm. So get on FIRE for the Lord!

III. How can we change from being cold or lukewarm to being Hot or on Fire for the Lord?

1. Cold people are the lost.

2. They change by getting saved, surrendering their hearts to the Lord.

3. Lukewarm Christians just go through the motions.

4. They change by rededicating their lives to the Lord.

5. Another way is to simply start worshipping the lord with all their heart.

6. Another way is to witness. Lead others to the Lord.

IV.( verse 17)Self- Reliant

1. They think they have everything they need.

2. Actually they don't have anything.

3. They are wretched- no enthusiasm, poor- No treasures laid up in heaven. Blind- don't open their hearts. Naked- Shamefull, like Adam and Eve after sin.

4. They don't realize they don't have any thing spiritually.

V.(verse 18) Jesus's Challenge

1. Gold tried in the fire is being purified or cleansed of sins.

2. White Raiment means rightous and purity of character.

3. To annoint thine eyes with eye salve means equal understanding in the lord and spiritual preception of the Holy Spirit.

4. We need to forget our worldly riches and take an inventory of our Heavenly riches.

VI.(verse 19) Discipline

1.He says he loves us, but he will discipline us when we are bad. So, Repent and get right with God.

VII.(verse 20,21) Conclusion:

Don't make Jesus sick. Be on fire for the Lord. Worship him with all your heart. Listen, He is tenderly knocking on the door of your heart. Jesus is calling you to overcome and sit with him on the throne in the Kingdom Of God!

VIII.(verse 22) Listen!

1. This is Jesus's warning to us. We need to get on Fire for the Lord. We need to stop being lukewarm and get our lives right with God.

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