Summary: It was a story neatly tucked between the jostling, pushing crowd meeting JESUS at the seaside and the urgency of Jairus’pleadings... and then,that infamous word;"WHO TOUCHED ME?" May our longing and need for GOD let not just pass us by,today!

The scene was so poignant... what with the approach of a very influential man in the person of Jairus, and the emergency situation he was in... Verse 24 said that our LORD went with him... The characters in this passage suggests different attitudes of God’s people.

Those who just want to see.

Those who want to hurry.

Those who want to be risky.

It was a story neatly tucked between the jostling, pushing crowd meeting Jesus at the seaside and the urgency of Jairus’pleadings...

And then, that infamous word;"Who touched Me?"

May our longings and need for GOD not pass us by,today!

May the Lord Jesus Christ once again immediately feel that power had gone out of HiM,as we gather here. May He once again turn around and look for you in the multitude of people pressing round about HiM! May you not let HiM pass you by and just proceed in the house of those who need Him badly... He alone can change us, just like that woman silently, quietly drawing near to the Source of her healing.


How could we not let Him just pass us by and take that same risk? That miraculous result?


Discouraged.Ostracized from society because of her issue of blood. Solitary living and loneliness. Penury,as she spent all that she had. Nothing could alleviate her situation for the Bible said"she spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse"



Until,"...she heard about Jesus!"(v.27).

That was enough to start her desperation. It’s her chance of lifetime! She heard a lot about Jesus.. She won’t let that moment just pass into oblivion. This is her time to see,whether this Jesus was really TRUE to what was said about HiM. Not only to see, but to experience what was heralded about HiM. Because, she was"unclean.." according to the Levitical Law of Lev.15:19,25, she will draw near to Jesus secretly.

Desperation comes in moments of nothingness. It’s a feeling where nothing else matter but to pursue a higher purpose. Levitical laws were set aside in exchange for this last chance. This might be"IT".This Jesus. Her disease make her timid, fearful, cast down by the"law",but her desperation make her to come from behind that she might even touch the hem of His garment. Her desperation makes her stole the cure! Desperation erases all hindrances of fear and timidity and converts them into risky faith made strong by such circumstances.... the 12 years in exchange for a moment of touch! A moment of desperation which would change her and everyone who would take this feeling of desperation. This woman alone believed that even the hem of Our Master’s garment can heal her! Ha! She did not let Jesus pass her by, as her touch of faith conveyed healing to her body and soul as Jesus declared later on in the text;"Daughter,you took a risk of faith,and now you’re healed and whole.Live well, live blessed! Be healed of your plague."(v.34 of the Message Bible)

II-BE DECISIVE:(v.27-28)

Decisive means forthright, forceful, positive, determined, firm, strong-minded.... Look at her lines especially in the Amplified Bible of v.28"she kept saying, If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health."

She kept rehearsing her lines prior to the touching of the Lord’s garments. She was like an artist rehearsing her piece to the final moment of her performance. Her decisiveness made her strong-minded. She was determined to connect what’s in her mind and heart to the One who can change everything, without even bothering Him! Her dialogue was reverberating in her heart pounding with excitement coupled with nervousness... That she might come in contact with this glorious Healer whatever the cost! Remarkable faith this! Decisiveness is positive!"I shall be made well".


Her secret was over! She was healed. She experienced the TRUTH of JESUS! Now, she did not only hear the Word about Him, the issue of sickness in her stopped. But Jesus wanted to know who is this Risk-taker? Does the Master doesn’t really knew? Of course,He knew!This He asked not to obtain information, because He immediately knew that power had gone out of Him, but to let the healed woman confess the healing to return the glory back to God, the greatness of the miracle might be manifested to the praise of God!

As I end up, the same is true with us. Those who are discourage. Disappointed. For all who had suffered in sickness, in loneliness, who have spent all money, love, effort, time, strength, trust? And was no better, but rather grew from worst to worst...

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