Summary: Don’t to run from God

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Don’t want to run from God

Jonah 1:1 -17

Five Things You Can Deduct

I. You are forfeiting the Presence of God

A. The greatest experience for man.

B. We were made to walk with God.

II. You are foregoing the Peace of God.

John 20:21 Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

III. You are forgetting the Power of God

A. Jonah ran because of the task

assigned him.

B. It is always easier to I So God’s way.

IV. You are forsaking the Plan of God.

A. God has a plan for your life.

B. Nothing is as good as God’s plan.

V. You are frustrating the Purpose of God.

A. God wants to save a wicked city.

B. God wanted to use Jonah to do it.

Five Things You Will Discover.

I. It is a Downward Trip.

A. Every move away from God is a

Downward move.

B. Down to sea, down in ship, down to

Tarshish, down in sea, down in fish.

II. It is a Costly Trip.

A. He paid the fair.

B. It is always good to travel with someone who

Picks up the tab.

C. God takes care of things.

III. It is a Foolish Trip.

A. God knows where you are.

B. He has bloodsheds.

IV. It is a Dangerous Trip.

A. To you.

B. To those around you.

V. It is a Fearful Trip.

A. Experience the storm.

B. Experience of being thrown


C. Experience of being swallowed by


D. Experience of three days and nights

In a fish

E. Experience of being vomited by fish.

Best move - Obey God!

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