Summary: This is the 7th sermon in the series "Back To The Basics". This sermon encourages believers to keep moving forward for the Kingdom.

Sunday Evening, November 24, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “Back To The Basic” [#7]


Hebrews 12:1-3


1. I love the “snooze button.” I can’t get up in the morning without hitting that button as least twice. In fact, I usually set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than when I have to get up in order to have time to hit the snooze. I love that feeling when you snuggle back under the covers knowing you have at least another ten minutes of sleep. The challenges and hardships of the day can wait another ten minutes.

2. The snooze button symbolizes the mentality of so many of us. We would rather stay in bed than get up and face the day. We would rather eat anything we want than watch our weight. We would rather spend our money foolishly than invest it wisely. We would rather sit on the sofa and watch TV than do all those much-needed chores around the house. We would rather sit in the pew than get involved in a ministry. We would rather use our finances selfishly than joyfully give to God’s work. We would rather be comfortable than accept a challenge.

3. The problem is, God always challenges us. He can be compared to the alarm clock that buzzes in our ear. In the same way you make sure your children get up and meet the challenges that lay before them, God is always poking, prodding and leading us from our comfortable sleep.

Romans 13:11


This evening, I would like to tell you a story I heard about a mountain traveler who thought he had lost his way on his journey. He was thrilled when he found a cabin located in the remote mountain area. He approached the cabin and asked the old gentleman within for some advice. He told him where he had come from and where he was going. The old man thought for a moment and replied, “It’s too far to go back…the side roads are dangerous…you can’t stop here…so there is nothing to do but go on.” I think that we can apply the old man’s advice to ourselves when we consider where we are and what we should do now.

It’s Too Far To Go Back

1. The Scriptures speak of The Problem of “looking back”. Israel looked back at Egypt, where they had been enslaved, and wanted to return. They remembered “the good old days”. Jesus rebuked those who made excuses for not following Him.

Luke 9:62

2. By faith we look forward. A great future beats a great past every time! What shall we do? It’s too far to go back, even if we wanted to we couldn’t!

The Side Roads Are Dangerous

1. The detour is always rougher than the main road. Not only are they rougher, but also they often have twists and turns that can take a long time to maneuver through. This is true naturally and it is also true spiritually.

2. Biblical examples: Abram went down into Egypt and it nearly cost him his wife. David took a side road and it led to adultery, deceit, and murder. Jonah tried to bypass God’s will and wound up in the belly of the whale. Peter got sidetracked and wound up cursing and denying the Lord.

3. We must not get sidetracked from what God would have us to do. We have been commissioned to take the Gospel to the world. We are to be a voice calling out to men and women to repent and turn to Christ. We are to be a lighthouse in the darkness pointing the way so that others might see. We cannot allow ourselves to become sidetracked…the cost is too great!

We Can’t Stop Here

1. We can’t stop proclaiming the Word of God. There are still millions who have never heard the Message. There are millions who need to hear it again!

2. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all might come to repentance.

3. The Christian life is one of progress, we cannot stop here!

There Is Nothing To Do But Go On

1. Even while others around us are giving up we must keep going. Though some may think that we are foolish, we must not be influenced by them, but simply press on. It’s too far to go back, the side roads are dangerous, we cannot stop here, and we must go on for the Lord.

Hebrews 12:1-2

2. Jesus said, “Continue…”

Ø Continue in my word.

Ø Continue in my love.

Ø Continue in the grace of God.

Ø Continue in the faith.

Ø Continue…witnessing.

Ø Continue in prayer.

Ø Continue in doctrine.


1. It’s too far to go back, the side roads are dangerous, we can’t stop here, so there is nothing left to do but go on.

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