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Summary: This morning I want to speak to you about a Christian family who settled among the nonbelievers and eventually started living in sin. Let us see the consequences of such an act.

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Message: Don’t Turn Back

Series – Abraham – Father of faith

Scripture: Genesis 19:1-29

Introduction: As long as we live in this world we live in constant touch with nonbelievers in our day-to-day affairs. We mix with them in the office, supermarkets, etc and many times we tend to accept their lifestyles and values and apply them in our life. The Bible says we are the salt of the earth --- let our light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven. In other words when we meet nonbelievers we are supposed to be the salt or the light and our values and lifestyles must go into them.

This morning I want to speak to you about a Christian family who settled among the nonbelievers and eventually started living in sin. Let us see the consequences of such an act.

Historical Background:

In Genesis 12 Abraham left his house to a land God would show him. Lot’s family also started the journey with Abraham. Now both the families are following God and both were successful and had plenty of blessings. Their success made them part ways because their herdsmen could not find enough space for feeding their cattle. Lot selected the plains of Jordan, a very fertile land and Abraham moved to Canan.

Now, Sodom was a city filed with energy and excitement. It was somewhat like our present cities in the world. There was a lot of adultery going on in Sodom.

Now 24 years after Abraham and Lot separated God spoke to Abraham about the sin of Sodom and God’s plan to destroy the city. By now, Lot was living in Sodom and according to God’s word he and his household would be destroyed.

Wickedness of Sodom Genesis 19:1-26. The people were wicked, sexually immoral, and took any extreme steps to accomplish their wicked plans. God intervenes and takes Lot and his wife out of the city. God literally saved them but Lot’s wife turned back on the way and she was totally destroyed.

God has rescued us from our sins through Jesus Christ but this story tells us that we have to be careful or else our salvation would be destroyed. That is why Jesus in 17:32 asks his disciples to remember Lot’s wife.

Why would a person whom God has saved be destroyed? Let us take our lessons from Lot’s wife.

1. Our associations are very important.

Lot’s wife was associated with the people of Sodom and it was very difficult for her to come out of the city. Therefore she looked back to see them for a last time and she got destroyed. It is very important whom we associate with. If we are attached to this world we will be left out in the second coming of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

2. Take the Word of God seriously.

The angels of God gave Lot and his wife clear warning telling then not to even look back at the city the left. Lot’s wife disobeyed and she perished. This morning let us give great emphasis on the Word of God. Only the ones who obey God’s word will be saved from the commendation of this world.

3. Come out of every SIN.

Sodom in the Bible portrays sin. Lot’s wife looked back at sin for one last time and she was perished. Beware one last time maybe the last time. It is time to get out of every sins in our life.

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