Summary: We can find lessons from the life of Samson. This true to life story portray that power without character is misleading, talent without proper management is useless and ability without humility is destructive



In the dark and cold prison of the Philistine. We found a lonely, wounded, and blinded man praying...."Lord GOD, remember me. God, please give me strength one more time. Let me do this one thing to punish these Philistines for tearing out both of my eyes!" (Judges 16:28)

Samson has been born with the quality of a hero. He has a supernatural quality specially prepared to liberate his country from her enemy. But in spite of his great gifts and ability, he wasted his great potential. He disappointed his God who called him and ruin the hope of his people.

We can find lessons from the life of Samson. This true to life story portray that power without character is misleading, talent without proper management is useless and ability without humility is destructive

Let us start by reading Samson's impressive Resume from the book of Judges of the Bible.


1. His birth has been prepared in a supernatural way. It was foretold by angel and his mother was a former barren woman. (13:1-4)

2. He was specially dedicated to God as a Nazarite (13:5)

3. The Lord bless him and move him at times (13:24-25)

4. He killed a lion by his bare hands (14:5-6)

5. He killed 30 enemies (14:9)

6. He caught 300 foxes (15:4)

7. He killed Philistine by a great slaughter (15:5)

8. He killed one thousand Philistine by jawbone (15:14-16)

9. He prayed and the water supernaturally came out (15:18-19)

10. Three times he broke his bond (16:9-14)

11. He pull up and drag the door and post of the city gate to the top of the hill (16:13)

Samson possesses the quality and potentials of a great leader. But what makes the mighty to become defeated and slave in the dark prison Philistine?


Jdg 13:2 There was a man from Zorah named Manoah. Manoah was from the family of Dan. His wife was not able to have children.

Jdg 13:3 The Messenger of the LORD appeared to her and said, "You've never been able to have a child, but now you will become pregnant and have a son.

Jdg 13:4 Now you must be careful. Don't drink any wine or liquor or eat any unclean food.

Jdg 13:5 You're going to become pregnant and have a son. You must never cut his hair because the boy will be a Nazirite dedicated to God from birth. He will begin to rescue Israel from the power of the Philistines."

He is a Nazarite, raised up in a godly family from a godly nation but he did not continue to live a life worthy of his roots.


Jdg 14:1 One day, Samson went to Timnah, where he saw a Philistine woman.

Jdg 14:2 When he got back home, he told his parents, "I saw a Philistine woman in Timnah, and I want to marry her. Get her for me!"

Jdg 14:3 His parents answered, "There are a lot of women in our clan and even more in the rest of Israel. Those Philistines are pagans. Why would you want to marry one of their women?" "She looks good to me," Samson answered. "Get her for me!"

He that in the choice of a wife is guided only by his eyes will soon find a Philistine woman in his arm

2Co 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship does righteousness have with lawlessness? And what partnership does light have with darkness?

Better be angry with the enemy than to be in love with them because when we join ourselves with them, we are most in danger of being ensnared by them.



Num 6:3 Nazirites must never drink wine, liquor, vinegar made from wine or liquor, or any kind of grape juice, and they must never eat fresh grapes or raisins.

Num 6:5 "As long as they are under the Nazirite vow, no razor may touch their heads. During the entire time that they are dedicated to the LORD as Nazirites, they will be holy. They must let their hair grow long.

Num 6:6 While they are dedicated to the LORD as Nazirites, they must never go near a dead body.


Jdg 14:8 Later, Samson returned to Timnah for the wedding. And when he came near the place where the lion had attacked, he left the road to see what was left of the lion. He was surprised to see that bees were living in the lion's skeleton, and that they had made some honey.

Jdg 14:9 He scooped up the honey in his hands and ate some of it as he walked along. When he got back to his parents, he gave them some of the honey, and they ate it too. But he didn't tell them he had found the honey in the skeleton of a lion.

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