Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Talking from Luke regarding Jesus’ instructions on worrying


Not many of you guys knew me when I was just a little punk in form 2. Well to tell you one thing about me, I was short. You know short, not short as in a couple of cm’s below everyone – try a head below everyone else. My nick name’s were shorty or short stuff, or words to that effect. Most of the girls were taller as well, that didn’t matter though, cos because I was short, most of the girls thought I was cute. Not cute as in Ben Afleck cute, but cute as in ‘oh look at the little short guy’. (Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Ben Affleck is cute, but most of you girls do). Anyway, I had my share of ‘crushes’ that year, (you know form 2 crushes) but the time I want to tell you about was about two weeks before the school social. There were the couples in the class all ready to go to the social together, (well together means, their parents drop them off and they meet up and then their parents picked them up again, you know form 2) and I wanted to have a girl on my arm as well. So I put my girl radar on and tried to see if there was anyone I might want to ‘go around with’ (do you remember that term, well that was the one that was used at ANI). Straight away I saw a girl (I can’t remember her name, but let’s call her Dorris). I had talked to her a bit and I thought ‘well she seemed cool, I might be able to win her with the old ‘Steven charm’. But then I thought nah, I’ll just go with my mates and have a good time making sure I didn’t dance (you saw my dance moves at youth group last week – you can tell why). But I really wanted to go with Dorris, but wouldn’t work up the guts to ask her. I told my mates and they were like, yea yea ask her man, she’ll say yes. So the first week went by and I realised I only had one week left to ask her. It was on the Thursday night I think and I realised that I had to ask her pretty soon. But no, I waited and Friday ended and the weekend came. All weekend I was going through what I would say when I saw her on Monday. Monday came, and I didn’t say anything. On Tuesday however, I actually started to walk up to her, but quickly walked away as soon as I got within 5 meters of her. So Tuesday ended and I went home, annoyed with myself that I hadn’t asked. Wednesday decided to come next (funnily enough) and I was thinking, you have to do it today, you have to do it today! But sure enough, the butterflies got the best of me and I didn’t. Thursday I had pretty much given up, but it came to 2:50 and I though, oh what the heck, she can only say no. (Whatever that I thought that but I must have thought something to make me go and ask. So I went up to her and said something like, “Uh, um well um, oh um um well yea um Dorris”? Yes she said, “Um well would, um you well um uh like, do you want to go around with me?” She paused, probably for only about 2 seconds but it seemed like ages, so I said “just for the social if not for more”, and she said “OK”. I was so out of breath I could hardly say anything, so I just said “cool, see you tonight”, and walked off. I walked away, thinking yeah, I’m the man!. A little voice in my head said to me something like ‘all that worry and she said yes, she would’ve said yes two weeks ago’. I told myself to shut up. I’m sure we’ve all had stories about where we’ve worried about something for ages, and tonight I want to be able to show you that we don’t need to worry. But first lets pray.

Tribute To James And Brian

Worrying is something that I’m sure we all have done and still do all the time. What sort of things did you come up with that you worry about? Most of these things, we probably all have worried about before, but what I want to say here now is that we don’t have to worry. Well I didn’t say it, Jesus did, but I’m just telling you what he said.

But before I continue, I’d like to pay tribute to James and Brian. I spent the bulk of my week writing this and probably about as much time thinking man this is way too much for me and it hit me that James and Brian do this pretty much every week. This is my first and I’m sure it gets easier with practice but still, I think we should give them a big round of applause to thank them for their hard work on preparing the messages for us.

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