Summary: Yield to the Holy Spirit…not peer pressure

If your friends were worshipping a golden cow, would you?

Exodus 32:1

Fear causes us to bow to peer pressure, but what are we afraid of?

• Not being cool?

• Not being happy?

• Losing your friends?

Because they didn’t ‘feel’ God, they looked for an alternative

Exodus 32:2-3

The people began to give what they had to build their idol?

• Where do you put your time, talents, or treasure?

• They had already broken one commandment…sin begins to pile up

Exodus 32:4-5

This is YOUR god!! WHAT?? This is YOUR god!!


WHEN Aaron turned from God he began to do the things everyone else was doing.

Exodus 32:7-10

• God noticed…and He does care.

• What makes you think He doesn’t care? Think maybe someone is talking to God on your behalf?

Exodus 32:11-12

There is always someone who cares.

Exodus 32:14

• Moses changed Gods mind this time… would you be this fortunate again?

Exodus 32:19-20

• Our parents and leaders may seem a little extreme sometimes but it is because it hurts them so bad to see you destroy yourself and your relationship with God

Exodus 32:22-24

• Aaron said ”out came this calf”…like it was an accident

Don’t be like Aaron…own up to what you have done. God knows anyway.

• My circumstances made me do it

• My friends influenced me

• The pressure was too hard

Exodus 32:25-28

• Weigh the consequences of your sin …is it worth it?

Exodus 32:35

• God forgives…but we still reap what we have sown….

Which character in this sermon do you most resemble?

• Moses…righteous before God

• Aaron…righteous before God then decided to follow the crowd

• The Crowd…never really had a relationship with God

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