Summary: Hopefully this sermon would get people to look at themselves and realize that we should reserve judgment about others and the congregation would begin to realize that their relationship with Christ is what really matters.

Don’t you get it?

Romans 2: 17 – 23

I. Are we judging people by a higher standard that we ourselves don’t live up to, do we tend to take on an attitude of privilege or perhaps a holier than thou attitude?

1. We may think this text is just for the Jews

• In Galatians Paul says there is no distinction from Jew /Greek, slave / free, and male/ female we are all one in Christ and that if we belong to Christ we are then descendants of Abraham.

• This message is for us also.

• Do we sometimes act like we have a monopoly on church?

2. We talk about being a Christian, we look like a Christian , we act like a Christian but are we really practicing what we are preaching

• Do we love God with all of our being?

• Do we love our neighbor?

• Do we walk the walk and talk the talk?

• Or maybe we just think because grandma and grandpa founded the church or Mom or dad donated a pew we are in.

II. I go to church , I pay my tithes

1. It’s more than that, we must have a change of heart

• Salvation isn’t about just going to church

• Saying the right prayers

• Sitting in the right pew

• It’s about Jesus and what happens when you begin to establish a relationship with Him.

III. Salvation is about more than an outward appearance , it’s about an inward change

• No one has a monopoly on salvation

• It’s not about what we do or how we look

• It’s about what Jesus has done for us

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