Summary: This little story is full of the tender, merciful heart of God as expressed through the actions of Jesus.

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Passage: Matthew 8:14-17

Intro: When I saw this little passage coming, I wondered if I should just skip it.

1. not much going on, minor healings without any dialogue.

2. but what a mistake that would have been, because this passage reveals some really beautiful things about Jesus.

3. and those beautiful things are revealed in the face of human need.

4. these quiet moments, this gentle interaction, let us see the tender heart of Jesus, the gracious heart of God.

5. and for people who are being made in the image of Jesus Christ, we can look at his heart and see what ours can be.

6. To be reflections of the heart of God in a dark world, this is the call of God to His children.

7. to do that, we need to see the world as Jesus saw it.

I. The Normal Human Condition is One of Desperate Need

1. since sin entered the world, this has been our normal state.

2. sickness, disease, poverty, war, storms, broken relationships, the list is long.

3. and since this is all we have ever known, we have gotten used to it.

4. we like it when things go well, and sometimes think this is normal as well.

5. but the Bible makes it clear that the good things of this life are based on the kindness and gracious mercy of God.

PP Matthew 5:44-45

6. in the face of the desperate state of mankind, God has limited the results of sin, and instead given us common grace.

PP “Common grace is the grace of God by which he gives people innumerable blessings that are not part of salvation” Wayne Grudem

7. and yet God allows sin to peak thru in the death that surrounds us, the illness and trouble and bad weather and economic downturns

8. in this passage, we see these cracks on common grace in a couple of ways.

9. Simon’s mother-in-law has a fever and is in bed.

10. word is used to describe a disease, not a symptom like we would use it. Could be like malaria

11. and in v16, we see a representative group of ill people; demon-possessed, various sick people.

12. this is the common state of mankind, and if we are not sick today we may well be tomorrow.

PP sick people waiting

PP Doctor-patient ratio chart

13. because of the common grace of God and our human history of war, disease and death, we don’t always see our state as one of desperate need.

14. but death takes us all, and trouble is so common as to be seen as normal.

15. But God sees our state as abnormal, and consistently does something about it.

16. let’s see what He does by looking at Jesus.

II. The Tender Heart of God Revealed

1. look closely at v14

2. “he saw her”…and there was an initiation of concern and care.

3. there is a great tenderness in this passage, the heart of God stirred to action through the sight of this woman in distress.

4. and there is this awesome power to heal so tenderly demonstrated thru a touch and instantaneous health

5. and the same happens in the town of Capernaum that evening.

6. probably end of Sabbath, so at sundown they can move around freely

7. I just love the picture. Probably a few people, not a big crowd

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