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Summary: This is the 14th sermon in the series "The End". This sermon focuses on the 4 personalities found in Revelation 12.

Sunday Morning July 7, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “The End” [#14]


Revelation 12


1. Chapter 12 introduces the second half of the Tribulation period by giving a Heavenly recap of the great conflict of the ages, bringing us up to date.

2. Before the human race was ever created in the Garden of Eden, there was conflict between God and His most powerful angel, Satan. For some reason Satan thought he was equal with God.

3. Even today, Satan thinks he can take control of the universe from God. The Bible shows that from the creation of humankind to the present there has been an endless conflict for the will and soul of people to see if they would use that free will to obey God or Satan.

4. Chapter 12 introduces us to four key personalities.

The Sun-Clothed Woman

Revelation 12:1-2

1. Many suggestions have been made as to who this “woman clothed with the sun” is. The Roman Catholic Church has always taught that this is the Virgin Mary. Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy, the founder of Christian Science said this was her.

2. The woman is referred to as “a great and wondrous sign [that] appeared in heaven”. The word “sign” appears here for the first time in the book of Revelation, indicating that the woman is not to be taken literally as a woman but represents something else. It is also important to notice that Mary did not give birth to her child in Heaven and this is where this woman is pictured is in Heaven.

Genesis 37:9-11

3. As we will see shortly, the man child in verses 5-6 is Jesus Christ. Therefore this is a reference to the nation of Israel, which gave birth to the Messiah. From Abraham to the days of Mary, the nation of Israel was preparing to bring forth a man child that would bless the entire world.

4. The fact that this woman is seen “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet” is very interesting. These objects are objects that project light. The moon is a reflector and the sun is a source of light. They are symbolic of Israel as God’s light-bearer to humankind, but Israel was unfaithful and fell under the judgment of God.

5. However, Israel will be God’s light-bearer in the form of the 144,000 witnesses during the Tribulation. By the way, the church (which is Christians) is God’s “lampstand”. That means we are to be the ones being the light-bearer for God right now.

The Devil

Revelation 12:3

The world today does not believe in literal devil but the Bible teaches it. This passage alone gives several details about him.

Names Used For The Devil

1. “An enormous red dragon” (verse 3). He is red because he is the motivating force behind much of the bloodshed in human history.

2. “That ancient serpent” (verse 9). This refers to the first time the devil is seen in the Bible, in the Garden of Eden.

3. “The devil” (verse 9). This is the name used in the Gospels for this enemy of God. It means “slanderer” or “accuser”.

4. “Satan” (verse 9). This name means “adversary.” The devil is the adversary of all God’s children.

5. “The accuser of our brothers” (verse 10). This indicates his work before the throne of God today, seeking to discredit the saints before God.

Satan’s Governmental Operation

1. Satan is revealed as “an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his head.”

2. The seven-crowned head probably refers to the seven stages of the Roman Empire.

3. The ten horns refer to the ten kings who will be dominant during the Tribulation, from whom the Antichrist (the seventh head) will receive his power and authority.

4. Satan will be using government as his tool.

5. Nothing has caused more havoc and evil to humanity than government. Power in the hands of evil men in the form of government has given license to murders, wars, famine, and suffering beyond human comprehension.

The Fall Of Satan

Revelation 12:4

1. This probably refers to the original fall of Satan described in Isaiah 14.

2. The original casting of Satan out of Heaven was not his final overthrow.

3. Satan today still has access to the throne of God to accuse believers.

Satan’s Conflict With The Seed Of The Woman

1. The vision of Satan standing before the woman “who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born” refers to the attitude of Satan ever since Genesis 3:15.

2. This promise was given to humanity, predicting eventual deliverance from the domination of Satan. God guaranteed deliverance through the “seed of the woman.”

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