Summary: We sing the song, "Finding more power than I ever dreamed. I’m learning to lean on Jesus." Yet, many of us are not fully appropriating the power of His resurrection in our lives. Here are ten steps to living more in the light of His resurrection power, pu

Draw More Power From Christ’s Resurrection

Acts 2:22-2:36

Christ’s resurrection gives us the assurance that all things done in the name of Jesus and for His purposes, will be victorious. Even though many Christians realize this truth they still live in with self-doubts. Many people wonder where they can get the power to witness to their friends? Others wonder how they can overcome their discouragement, troubles and fears? Peter states an outstanding fact when he says, "Men of Israel, Jesus was a man accredited by God to you miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you." (Acts 2:22) Not only were these works a sign that the Messiah had come, but that God would work great ministries through those who trusted in Christ’s power. Ask the Lord to help you to fully appropriate ALL the power, purposes and plans that the Lord has for you and your people.

2. Christ’s resurrection shows how God’s purposes, processes and plans are always perfectly fulfilled. Peter resisted the temptation to point a finger of judgment at the Jewish elders and teachers of the law in this passage. Instead, Peter focus on Christ’s sufferings and subsequent resurrection proves God’s prophetic plan. Often, people need to have someone to interpret history for them before they are able to learn the most important lessons. Ask the Lord to help you correctly understand all that God’s purposes for your life, relationships and ministries through the struggles He allows you to experience.

3. Christ’s resurrection is used by Peter to explain the mysterious ways that God’s will unfolds. If you really want to learn how to know the will of God, just follow the exemplary life of Jesus Christ. The Jewish elders rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah because He did not fulfill THEIR expectations. Consequently they missed out on the greatest opportunity of their lifetime. Christ’s resurrection has a way of showing all people that we may be rejected by men, but approved by God. Ask the Lord to help you to fix more of your emotional, mental and spiritual energies on following the footsteps of Jesus regardless of perplexing pathways.

4. Christ’s resurrection is used by Peter to show all ethnic groups of the world that we have Christ as our common way to truth, life and heaven. There are many religions and even theologians who would have us believe that finding God’s will is complicated. On the contrary, as we trust and obey what the Lord has revealed to us in Christ, we are clearly shown what to do on a day by day basis. Ask the Lord to help you bring all people groups toward Christ as a way of overcoming differences of opinions. Jesus is the key to all wisdom and knowledge. Jesus helps each sincere seeker find the true answers to the most perplexing problems of this life and the one to come.

5. Christ’s resurrection is used by Peter to show how even David, the Old Testament King, looked forward to the power of Christ to conquer conquer sin, death and eternal judgment. Peter said, "David was a prophet who knew that God had promised him that He would place one of his descendants on the throne. Seeing what was ahead, he spoke of the resurrection of Christ." (Acts 2:30,31) This sense of gladness and triumphant hope gave David the courage to overcome all kinds of adversities. Ask the Lord to help you gain greater insights into the hope that David garnered in His Psalms because of His great faith in Christ’s coming resurrection power.

6. Christ’s resurrection helps us dispel the sadness, gloom and fear of death. Peter teaches all the people groups represented on that day that the resurrection of our dear Lord banishes all fear of the unknown powers of death. Through Christ’s resurrection, Peter assures his listeners that we are given a confident expectation that God will do all that He promised to do. Ask the Lord to do great things through your life, ministry and prayers. He will fulfill all of His promises.

8. Christ’s resurrection helps us appropriate all of the truth of the scripture as we gain a greater insight into God’s attributes. Peter explains that Christ’s resurrection power, truth and holiness are expressed perfectly through His triumph over sin, death and eternal judgment. Through Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice, we are able to come to God with full confidence that He will lavish His grace upon us through a greater knowledge of all of His spectacular attributes.

9. Christ’s resurrection encourages us to remain consistently true, faithful and obedient to God’s plan regardless of our circumstances. No doubt, the Lord Jesus was tempted to give in to the pressures, the worries and pleasures of his human nature. Like Jesus, we need to press ahead with our focus firmly fixed on the heavenly goal of our Father without staggering in unbelief. Let us grow in faith, spiritual maturity, and fruitfulness as we fully appropriate all of Christ’s resurrection power through us. Ask the Lord to help you refuse to live under your dark moods, difficult circumstances of pressures from critical authorities. Instead, trust the Lord to help you live in the light of Christ’s overcoming power and truth.

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