Summary: For protection, put on the full armor of God.

Dress Appropriately

1. Does it seem you have more trouble after becoming a Christian

than you did before? May not be imagining it. When you accept

Christ as Savior, you enrolled as agent of Heaven & gained enemy.

2.Commitment to Jesus, enlisted as soldier in the army of the Lord.

Some thought only making eternal destiny secure. Others thought

simply dealing with sin. Others thought just subscribing to a higher

moral code. More to it than escaping hell, forsaking sin, or living


3. We have joined forces with God & each other in a spiritual

conflict. As Christians, we must struggle with God’s enemy. Our

fight is not against humans: Verse 12 We are fighting a war that

can’t be visualized. We are not fighting against flesh & blood.

4. War not against governments, people, religious institutions,

politics, etc. Not against things we can touch or see. Majority of

people are visual. See to believe. Can’t see, doesn’t exist. Can’t see

demons of world, so you don’t believe.

5. In modern world many things we can’t see, touch, smell, or taste,

yet we have no problem believing they exist. Confusing.

a. Do you watch T.V.?

b. Do you listen to radio?

c. Do you use a beeper?

d. Do you use a cell phone?

6. Answer yes to any of these, you believe in things you can’t see.

7. Get home, turn on T.V., watch show. Don’t like it change


Easy though you can’t see signal. Same as signals, Satan has

demons all around us.

8. Satan is wise. Knows our moves. Watches our game films. He will

take advantage of any let down.

9. We are in a desperate, life & death battle, where there are real

weapons and very real enemies and very real casualties. It reminds

us that there is a very personal opponent against us. An evil,

ruthless spirit dedicated to destroying us .

10. Our enemy is Satan, chief of the fallen angels. The army of God

is on the march and we are part of that army. Let Satan do his

worst. Fight the fight of faith. The enemy is armed and dangerous,

but so are we.

11. Verse 10 Our strength comes from the Lord, not ourselves. Paul

states there is strength & power available beyond our own. This

strength comes from the “armor of God” We must put on this

“armor”. There is “divine strength” that we can put on to protect

us in the battle we must face.

12. Only God can protect us. Only God can empower us. The right

armor and the right weapons must come from God.

13. Belt of Truth Train people to spot counterfeit money. We

should be so familiar with God’s truth that when we hear a lie we

can spot it. Roman soldier’s belt was essential part of armor. Belt

gathers armor together & secures sword to side. Secures long

garments so they don’t interfere with fighting. Belt ties it all


14. Breastplate of Righteousness Protects vital organs. Heart,

lungs, stomach. Paul makes point this is essential for Christian to

avoid a mortal wound. Not our righteousness. Ours not sufficient to

save us. Isaiah likens our righteousness to filthy rags. We have a

bulletproof vest of righteousness held in place with the belt of truth.

15. Shoes of Gospel of Peace Imagine soldier with best rifle,

warmest clothing, safest helmet, but he’s barefoot! How effective

will he be in battle? Roman soldier wore certain kind of shoe.

Open-toed spiked shoe laced up past ankles. Variety of shoes for

different purposes. Dress, work, athletic, slippers. Romans shoes

served same purpose as football players spikes. Helped stand

ground or advance. Traction. Most combat hand-to-hand. Soldier

could not afford to be pushed backward or slip. Neither can we.

16. Shield of Faith Beginning with this we find 3 pcs. of equipment

which must be taken up again & again. Belt, breastplate, boots

never taken off. Shield, helmet, sword taken up when actual

fighting began. Valuable pc. of equipment. 2 1/2 ft. wide by 4 1/2 ft.

high. Solid pc. of wood covered with metal or leather. Because of

it’s size, it could protect other pcs. of armor. That’s why Paul addition to all this. This (shield of) faith is a simple trust in


17. Helmet of Salvation May live w/o arm or leg. May survive shot

to vital organ, but head is critical area that needs to be protected.

God gave us a skull. Human eggshell. Protection of your thoughts,

your mind, is the fact of your salvation.

18. Sword of the Spirit Word of God Most common weapon used

in hand-to-hand combat. Used offensively & defensively. Jesus used

this weapon when Devil tempted him in desert. Satan tried to get

Jesus to doubt God, doubt himself & who he was. Sword stored

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