Summary: The belt, breastplate & shoes of the armour of God. (Powerpoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


• (1). The Belt of truth (vs 14a)

• (2). The Breastplate of Righteousness (vs 14b)

• (3). The shoes of peace (vs 15)



English prisoner of war joke.

• An English prisoner of war was held by the Germans.

• The Englishman had been shot all over his body.

• The good news was he was still alive;

• The bad news was the areas of his body were slowly being badly infected.

• One day a German doctor told the prisoner:

• "Englander, your arm is infected with gangrene we must cut it off."

• The English prisoner said,

• "Well, okay, but could you drop it over England when you go bombing."

• The German replied,

• "Ya, that vill not be a problem."

• A few weeks later the German doctor tells the Englishman;

• That they have to cut his other arm off.

• The Englishman says, "Well, could drop it over England like you did last time."

• "Ya, that will be done," says the German.

• A few weeks later the German doctor tells him that they have to cut his leg off.

• Once again the Brit says, "Well, could you do the same as before."

• The German replies, "Ya."

• A few weeks later the German doctor tells him tells him they have to cut off his other leg.

• "Well," begins the Brit, "could you just..."

• This time the German snapped back;

• "No we can’t! We think you are trying to escape!"


• When it comes to war I read a sad but interesting statistic this week;

• It is estimated that more than 14,500 wars have been fought from the year 3600 B.C.

• To present day—and that number keeps rising.

• In fact, during the same time period,

• There have been 5,305 years of war … and only 292 years of peace.

Now as you are no doubt aware from last week’s study:

• That Every Christian is in a war situation;

• Every Christian is called to fight the good fight.

• Verse 12 reminds us that the enemy we fight is not physical but spiritual;

• Quote: J.B. Philips translation of verse 12:

“For our fight is not against any physical enemy: it is against organisations and powers that are spiritual. We are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world, and spiritual agents from the very headquarters of evil.”

• Not only is our enemy a spiritual enemy;

• But the weapons we use to fight with are also spiritual.

• Now I am glad about that because if you do a study on physical armour;

• Looking up Bible references to armour, you would be very discouraged.

• e.g. You will find that Saul’s armour did not fit David;

• e.g. That Goliath’s armour was useless against David’s stone.

• e.g. You will discover that a stray arrow found a crack in Ahab’s armour,

• Killing the wicked king.

• So aren’t you glad we are called to wear the physical body armour;

• Like Saul, Ahab, or Goliath.

• Instead we are to put on the unfailing armour of God!

• Now this evening we are going to look at three pieces of that armour;

• And next week you will learn about the rest of the armour.

• But let me remind you and emphasise the fact;

• That we are called to wear the whole armour of God and not just some

• Twice in verse 11 and verse 13 the apostles emphasises:

• We are to wear all of the articles God provides if we want to be victorious!


• A footballer may enter the pitch in an immaculate new football strip;

• But if he left his boots back in the changing room he is in big trouble!

• That’s why the apostle Paul twice in verse 11 and verse 13 emphasises:

• We need to wear all of the articles God provides if we want to be victorious!

Now the apostle Paul uses Roman armour for his illustration here in Ephesians chapter 6:

• The reason for that is Paul who was writing from Rome.

• He was a prisoner when he wrote this letter.

• Many believe Paul wrote this letter in the company of Roman soldiers;

• Who were chained to him or at very least stood guard next to him.

• He would have seen these solders with their armour, swords and shields,

• And like all preachers he never missed up an idea for a sermon illustration.

• He knew that no soldier ever goes to war without being prepared.

• Likewise the Christian needs to be prepared for battle at all times.

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