Summary: Often what appears as hopelessness is God’s opportunity to show His stuff!

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Dry Morsels or Sweet Relish?

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr,

I have a carrot, an egg, and a tea bag.

I asked what does hot water over a period of time do to these three things.

The carrot gets soft.

The egg gets hard.

The tea bag brings out flavor.

I have learned that some times, the worse thing that

has ever happen to me, was the best thing that could

have happened. What appeared hopeless was an

opportunity to trust God.


...It is so easy in life to waste precious time and lose the joy in living while walking through menial daily chores.

We are warned not to despise the day of small things

Zech. 4:10.

Remember the old preacher waiting in a cave in

1 Kings 19:11 -12? Seems the Lord was not in the

earthquake, the wind, or the fire.

God spoke in a little small voice.

Many search for some emotional high, some

entertainment, and there appears little purpose in

what I am going through today?

Many people of God lose all joy in ministry and

become overly burdened dealing with peoples’


Why have we been called?

Our text: Ecc. 9:4, For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

Take care of your life ... God will take care of

death and what you can’t handle.

We must develop a complete trust in the leadership

of God and avoid developing explosive attitudes that

lead to self-destruction.

Garth Brooks was asked about making it in Nashville. He is a millionaire and had many hit songs. People know his face and voice around the world.

A reporter asked him, How does it feel to be a star known in Nashville? He answered, OZ IS ONLY OZ TO THOSE THAT DON’T LIVE IN OZ!

Ezek.37 has a neat lesson about some dry bones.

When all hope was gone for the dry bones,

God saw the potential in dry, hopeless situations.

Life is to be more than dry morsels and crumbs from

the table!

There can be dry seasons where the emotions play

games with our faith. Hope eludes us.

Some think just because they are busy they should be

praise? After all, don’t we praise the busy honey


Yes, but we swat a busy mosquito?

There is more than dry morsel for the children of

God! God has a sweet plan, the journey will take many

strange twist, but God leads us to still waters and

green pastures.

Often life has a way of wishing to be else where, to

dream of being another is to waste who you are.


Proverbs 24:10 If thou faint in the day of adversity,

thy strength is small.

I love the story of the two frogs that fell in the ten gallon milk bucket. They swam for hours.

The one frog said, "What is the use?" and he gave up and drowned.

The other frog said, I cannot afford to give up. So the frog kicked and kicked until the cream turned into butter and then he jumped out of the can.

If the two frogs would have kicked together, the cream would have become butter quicker? Just because some around you see the negative, you cannot afford to quit!

Your life is a song, the words and tune --- are your choice. Your song is sweet, lovely, glad, or it is bitter, angry, and hopeless? You choose the song and how it will be sung!

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