Summary: In this age of compromised prosperity preaching , it is good to know that there are a few of us who are not afraid to bark and bark loud at the crass abomination in both the Church and nations. God is calling for the sheep dogs to bark louder than ever!


(Bark Preacher Bark!)

Isaiah 56:9-12

Sermonic Move #1: sermonic introduction

There is no doubt that

- our nation is on a big political, economic, moral and spiritual decline!

- Other nations are on a big political, economic, moral and spiritual decline!

And above all,

- our pulpits are in big moral and spiritual decline!

I’m speaking of…

- Full blown apostasy!

- Heresy that make the heretics of yester years look like they weren’t that bad!

Yes, I’m concerned about the moral and spiritual decline of our nation.

- But I’m more concern about the moral and spiritual decline of our pulpits!

- We have strayed away from the righteousness of the Bible.

- We’re calling good evil and evil good!

Any and almost every body, especially in the African-American Church is calling themselves

- Prophets and apostles these days and there nothing prophetic or apostolic about them..

Too many pulpits are guilty of the way that seemeth right unto man

- but are ignoring the ways thereof that leads to death and pretending they don’t even realize it!

There are far too many preachers that are NOT willing to admit without some sort of denial or excuse

- that our pulpits have drifted far from God’s path of righteousness over into a form of godliness that denies the power thereof!

Many preachers are blaming the president and the congress for the moral and spiritual decline…

- while at the same time denying the sin that is reigning from their lives and the sanctuaries over which they have leadership or headship!

- This is certainly like the pot calling the kettle black!

- This is certainly like an orangutan calling the baboon ugly.

Yes, our president and our congress are legislating laws that are anti-Bible and anti-Church,

- but there is NO Hook in our noses or noose around our necks that we have to accept this demonic onslaught against truth and against the righteousness of God!

If the President is promoting a worldwide homosexual agenda,

- then the preachers ought to be promoting a worldwide BACK TO GOD AGENDA!

But you know what, the pulpits have VERY FEW preachers who were called and empowered

- to carry out such a worldwide righteousness agenda!

Most of the African American preachers are more worried who coming to support their liturgical agendas and what money will be raised

- more than that righteousness needs to be restored!

The book of Isaiah has some choice and harsh words

- for both the Church houses and political houses. Mostly the CHURCH HOUSES it her headship leaders!

Here is what prophesieth Isaiah in chapter 56, verses 9 thru 12…

- “All ye beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all ye beasts in the forest. (10) His WATCHMEN, THEY ARE ALL DUMB DOGS, they CANNOT BARK, SLEEPING, LYING DOWN, LOVING TO SLUMBER. (11) Yea, THEY ARE GREEDY DOGS which can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH, and they are SHEPHERDS that CANNOT UNDERSTAND: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter. (12) Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant.”

Sermonic Move #2: Sermonic “I’aint going to bark anymore!”

From this SUBJECT:

- DUMB DOGS BEHIND THE PULPIT THAT CANNOT BARK (“barking” means “to warn!).”

Dumb dogs here in todays language is referring to the leadership and headship of the Church who suppose to be

- vocally warning the people of danger and reproving them of their sin but are not barking warnings at them!

We’re living in the day of the dumb dog preachers who have not lost their bark

- but who refuse to bark.

Because they think that if they bark to loudly it would not only frighten off the wolf

- but also the flock over which he’s guarding might run away to and he loses the profit he could make selling the lamb’s wool.

He’s the guard dog of the flock and the wolf is coming

- but he’d rather lay up in the pound beside momma dog eating gravy train serve to him by the membership rather than barking.

Preachers that are present, Are you one of the dumb dogs Isaiah is speaking of?

- Are your Church a dumb dog Church?

I can tell you that this Church is NOT a dumb dog Church

- because I have personally heard the dog behind this pulpit bark.

Let me say this again: Barking here means to

“To warn by message, warn by prophecy of the danger that is approaching!

But also warn of the unrighteous within the sheepfold, I mean the Church!

In this scene Isaiah pictures

- the helplessness of the flock that are being exposed to the wild beasts of the forest and fields because of the failure of the guard dogs.

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