Summary: A donkey on Palm Sunday sets an example for us to live by

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- FRANCIS (1950)

Behind enemy lines in Burma, G.I. "Peter" Donald O’Connor is rescued by a talking mule named Francis. Peter’s claim that his four-legged pal speaks. Peter is placed in a padded cell before the pair are recognized for their heroic deeds.

- Six more films follow 1950-1956

Movie Titles

• Francis in the Navy

• Francis goes to West Point

• Francis Covers the Big Town

• Francis joins the WACs

• Francis in the Haunted House

• Francis Goes to the Races

- Francis was first talking animal before Mister Ed the talking horse.

- Will Rogers trained this mule

- In the ’50s, they sponsored the first of an annual PATSY award ceremony. The “Performing Animal Top Star of the Year”

- This was the Academy Award for animal actors.

- Francis the Mule was the first PATSY winner in 1951

If the “Performing Animal Top Star of the Year” award had been around in first- century Jerusalem, the animal who carried Jesus certainly would have been a winner.

— This Jerusalem bound donkey would have won a PATSY.


1. A Distinctive Donkey - Be Available


- Found in all 4 gospels Mt 21:1, Mk. 11:1, Lk 19:28. Jn 12:12

- The Lord has need - first 3 Gospels

- v.1 Bethphage “House of unripe figs” – Not ready

- v.1-3 - Two Go – Verify and agree to the need

- Exactly as Jesus said

- Mare with her colt – Mt. 21:2

- Tied – Mk 11:4 by the door where the 2 ways meet

- Never been ridden – Lk 19:30

- Owned by others – Lk 19:33

- Will be given without question – Mt 21:3

- The Lord see our condition and our possibilities

Now for Our Reaction or Action

2. Depart from the Disciples - Be Wise


- They stand with Jesus today

- Later one will betray Him

- Another will deny Him

- Go back a chapter- Discussing who is the greatest 20:20-28

- They heard but did not learn

- Describes us - Looking out for ourselves

- Some of us have followed Jesus for years

- Dropped a few coins in the plate

- Taught a class here & there

- Under pressure — Run, Escape, Bail out

3. Detach from the Drove - Be Committed


- Crowds were curious, but not committed

- Cried Hosanna now less than a week crucify Him

- They had learned the truth but can’t do the truth

- Crowds for the church today are the Lilly & Holly type

4. Dodge the Directors - Be Authentic


- Jn 12:19 - Pharisees “World is gone after him”

- Lk 19:39 - Pharisees cried stop your disciples

- Religious Leaders often took bribes (Judas)

- Gave false witness (Jesus trial)

- Ch. denominations bring confusion

- Media preachers often are out for themselves

5. Dare To Be a Donkey - Be Humble


- Most people don’t consider it a compliment to be compared to a donkey.

- Let’s call him Christopher

– Gk “Christ-bearer.”

- v. 7 Submitted to the cause of Christ

- v. 10 He carried Christ into Jerusalem

- Applying Christopher the “Christ-bearer.” to our lives

• Serving Christ. Or being a faithful servant can be a burden.

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