Summary: Man is a strange mixture of a dust head and a glorious crown He is dust but God made him much more.

Introduction: Every man should revisit his beginning. It’s not ape to man

It’s not big bang theory to man. It’s not accident to man. It’s dust to glory.

I. Man’s Origination. (God’s mind)

I I. Man’s Derivation. (Dust)

III. Man’s Formation. (God formed him)

IV. Man’s Combination. (God and dust)

V. Man’s Vivification. (God breathe)

VI. Man’s Humiliation. (He fell)

VII. Man’s Salvation. (God saved him)

VIII. Man’s Glorification. (God became flesh)

Conclusion: Man fell from the lowest state. God raise him to the highest status. He went from dust to glory.

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