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Summary: The power of Christian living



TEXT JOHN 14:6 (quickview) 

INTRODUCTION : One thing that we could say about the world to day is uncertainty is certain.

The Christian of this era is consistently bombarded by viewpoints that are so far of field God`s plan that it is


The outline given here is reminder that a child of God leads an extraordinary life under the influence of Grace..


Thomas, along with Philip, in light of Jesus words about the future asks “ how can we know the the way ? “

With all the tugs and pulls of a secular world many a Christian must wonder the same thought.

I think some believe that dynamic Christianity is something that sneaks up behind them .

Or perhaps if the right preacher lays hands on them and quotes back to them their drivers license number ,

that will be it.

To answer them ,to answer us , look at the first two words, he says;” I AM .”

Simply put the only sure foundation is the faith in the son of God.

All trust and faith is built on this fact

No wonder Christ , while talking with Peter , in reference to whom men say that Iam; upon Peter`s confession of

faith Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church..

Was Peter the rock ? No , only faith in Christ as the son of God could be the rock.

Dynamic Christians live a life of trusting God for all their needs. A life not rooted in the dollar or the economy

but a life centered on what the word has to say.

Supplemental scriptures for point 1; Psalms 125:1 (quickview) ,Proverbs 29:25 (quickview)  , Romans 10:17 (quickview) , Hebrews 11:1 (quickview) 


Anemic Christians live a life of chronic defeat . Singing songs of victory and power but falling short of actually

possessing those attributes. When we allow the joy of the Lord to fill our hearts it is then and only then that

we attain that overcoming power and victory.

1-John 5:12 (quickview)  tells us ; He that hath the son hath life.-If that is the case then we should begain to operate in the

light of that revelation.

True joy is shown when in face of trials and temptations we continue to stand. For you see it an easy thing

for anyone to smile and be of good cheer when all is well. It is in hard and difficult moments a child of God

truly shines their brightest. I have joy because He supplies all my needs, comforts me in my disappointments, and

provides peace when all around is in chaos.

Supplemental scriptures for point 2; Isaiah 12:3 (quickview) , Isaiah 35:10 (quickview) , John 10:10 (quickview) , John15:11


The fourth Thursday of November is a day set aside for thanksgiving for most people. I want to submit for

you and I that every day is a day of being thankful. Praise to our eternal Father who each day , as Psalm 68:19 (quickview) 

tells us; loadeth us with benefits.

Supplemental scriptures for point 3; Psalm 100:4 (quickview) , Colossians 1:12 (quickview) , 1-Thessalonians 5:18 (quickview) 


John 14:6 (quickview)  The word way is from the Greek - Hodos; way, path. A way, a road in which one travels; a way, manner of

life or action.

Truth-Aletheia; The truth as opposite to types, emblems or shadows.

Life-Zoe;Referring to the principle of life in the spirit and soul. Expressing all the highest and best which Christ is.

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