Summary: We must take the common building blocks of unity God provides us all and use them constructively to produce the kind of church He wants all of us to share together.

Since we have so much in common, sharing one:

Body—Church together

Spirit—His powerful influence

Hope-Of heaven

Lord-Our Master, not mother

Faith-From truth that changes us

Baptism-Public result of faith

Our God and Father – Over us all

And, since our unity is based on our own individual peace with God;

We must work together in our church as God directs.

1. Do Work in Ministry (12)

A. Helping each other mend

B. Serving to benefit others

2. Grow Up in Christ (13)

A. Active unity is a sign of growth and maturity

B. Faith and knowledge work together to make us profit in giving and receiving the fullness of Christ’s gifts

3. Build Stability (14)

A. Not helpless against challenges to our faith

B. Strong in God’s words so we won’t be shaken from them

4. Live in Truthful Love (15)

A. “Truthing it” with love fights the two great enemies of ministry

1. Departure from truth

2. Chilling indifference to people

B. Our “body” edifies itself by what each gives if we do it right

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