Summary: E Pluribus Unum- out of many, one. This was the heart of Jesus that his church might come together as one

E Pluribus Unum

Part 2


1. We learned last week that…

a. E Pluribus Unum- (EE PLOOR-uh-buhs YOOU-nuhm)-

b. Jesus talked us becoming Heis in John 17:20-23

Gr. #1520- Heis- (Hice) that they may be ONE

c. Incredible success & strength comes from working and contributing together

The French explorers opened up the new world

The pilgrims and puritans brought faith to the new world

The Chinese built the railroads.

A. The same thing is true of the Church.

a. Compare Ed Miller and myself

We were raised radically different from each other, culturally, spiritually, but there is a bonding of our spirits together even in our differences

We have for the most part, chosen to celebrate our differences

B. To remain one, takes GREAT sacrifice

1. Several states decided to secede and form their own government

The Confederate States of America

2. A nation…. at war… with itself

a. It is one thing when the enemy is without, greater yet, is when he is within

b. Folks today talk of Vietnam- 57,000 men

Iraq- 3932 US Soldiers Killed, 28938 wounded

Yet the numbers pale when compared to America at war with herself

c. It was the greatest war in American history.

3 million fought

600,000 died.

500,000 seriously wounded

4 long years of conflict

Brothers would stare down the barrels of their guns at brothers

At night the young rebs and yanks would talk to each other and in the morning they would slaughter one another.

d. It was the only war fought on American soil by Americans,

At Gettysburg Pennsylvania alone, 51,000 men lost their lives

It is said that Gettysburg is haunted to this day… I guess so, a place filled with blood and hate

As General Lee began withdrawing his army, his train of wounded stretched more than fourteen miles.

c. I stood in a Confederate cemetery in Virginia… It was like standing on hallowed ground.

Here was a burial plot of men, killed not by their enemies, but by their own brothers in arms…


1. It will take men who are willing to make for peace.

1.. When General Lee was surrendering to General Grant, Grant asked President Lincoln what the terms of surrender would be. Lincoln said, make it as easy on them as possible, they are our brothers.

2. The church has been torn apart for to long, we must work for unity again.

The word says to preserve the unity

How can you love God whom you have nor seen and yet not your brother that you can see?

Your brother – is God manifested in the flesh….


What are YOU doing to promote the gospel of peace among the body of Christ?

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