Summary: To show that God created the world and is in control of it, but we are to take care of it.

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-Today is Earth Day

-A day to think about our planet, the world we live in

-To appreciate its beauty

-To think about how to best take care of it

-It was begun in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson

-It is a day that has become a holiday in its full extent with many involved in traditions they have established for the day each year

-Cleaning along a road

-Planting a tree

-Marching for environmental causes

-So, on this Earth Day, I want us to think about the earth

-But not from a pantheistic point of view

-Not from a secularist point of view

-But from a spiritual point of view

-A point of view often neglected on this day

I. God Created The Earth

-This is a statement that is much disputed today

-The belief in evolution has taken a firm hold on the vast

majority of the world’s population

-Especially the scientific and educational communities

-The late Carl Sagan, the noted astronomer and evolutionist, gave the odds for a big bang as 1 to 10 to the 2 billionth power

-Many point to Charles Darwin as the greatest evolutionist mankind has ever known

-Even Darwin himself, by 1872, was frustrated and filled

with doubt about his inability to meet the objections raised against his theory.

-The fact is, that science will never be able to prove

creation and can never prove evolution


-Genesis 1:1

A. In the beginning (of time as we know it)

B. Out of nothing

-ex nihilo “out of nothing”

C. By His word

-Hebrews 11:3

II. God Put Man Over The Earth

A. To use it

-Genesis 1:28-29

1. Man was placed in the garden

2. Man was given dominion over animals

3. Man was given fruit and herbs to eat

4. Man was sent out to till the ground

B. To tend it

-Genesis 2:15

-Genesis 2:19

-Remember: Earth was created for God’s pleasure, not ours

-Yet, we treat it as if it totally belongs to us

-We must keep in mind that we are to use it, but not misuse it

1. We are to keep it up


2. We are to do God’s work in it

III. God Controls The Earth

-Psalm 24:1

-Psalm 89:11

-Psalm 65:9

A. He still holds the reigns

-He is no unmoved mover

-He is still in control

B. He can change nature


-The flood

-Sun standing still


-Parting the Red Sea

-Jesus calming the storm

-You see, God supercedes science

-That is why you cannot prove creation

-Or evolution for that matter

-That is why you cannot prove miracles

-You simply must believe in them by faith

IV. God Will Bring The Earth To An End

-Revelation 20:11

-Revelation 21:1

-By the way, scripture does not seem to point to the end coming through global warming

A. After Christ returns

B. After Satan has been defeated

C. After mankind has been judged


-This earth is our temporary home

-We are to use it while we are here

-We are to take care of it while we are here

-One day, we will not be here

-But, one day it will not even be here

-Where will you be on that day

-The new heaven or the lake of fire?

-The choice is yours

-Your destiny can be changed today

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