Summary: Breaking down Isaiah 53:6 and presenting the message of Easter in plain English.

I Was There – Easter

A little boy whose older brother talked into letting him crack some eggs on his head. The two of them were getting ready to boil some eggs so they could decorate them for Easter when the older brother told the younger one---“if you let me break three eggs on your head I’ll give you a dollar.” The younger one’s eyes grew wide with the prospect of getting a dollar. “really?” he said, “a whole dollar?” “Yep. If you let me break three eggs on your head I’ll give you a dollar.” “Promise?” “Promise.” “Okay.” The younger brother closed his eyes and held his hands at the side of his face as the older brother giggled and cracked open the first egg. As the yolk was just beginning to roll down onto his cheeks, the older brother said, “That’s one. Here’s two.” As he cracked open the second egg the older brother said, “This is so cool.” The younger boy then braced himself for the third egg. After about ten seconds he said, “Come on, I’m ready for the third egg.” The older brother then slyly said, “Are you kidding? That would cost me a dollar.”

Life is full of choices… and some are good one’s… some, like that boys… are not so good. I think your being here this morning is a good choice… because I believe that God’s got something for you here this morning. Easter is more than a choir… and music… and a time to get dressed up. And I want to take a few moments to share with you the beauty of Easter… at least that I’ve found in my life. This comes from an old prophecy about Jesus… written about 700 years before Jesus death. The cool thing about this… is that not only was it carried out through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus… but it seems to describe our condition to a tee… and our need for Christ.

I want to read part of this prophecy from the book of Isaiah… and then talk through it for the next few minutes.

Isaiah 53:6 - All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God's paths to follow our own. Yet the Lord laid on him the sins of us all.

This begins with kind of a general statement about mankind… about us. If you would… please repeat after me… the phrase “all of us” This passage says that all of us… like sheep. Not that we are sheep… but that we’re like sheep. Now… obviously… we’re not sheep… not most of us. We don’t have wool… naturally. We don’t baa… but we behave like sheep. I think this is freeing to understand. The writer is revealing some great amount of psychology that people have paid thousands to a therapist over months and years of time for. You are like a sheep… we all are.

Now… if you’ll allow me the freedom… to make a statement. Of course… you are not a sheep… but you are like one. We are not sheep… but we can represent ourselves to each other as sheep… because we are like sheep. I would like to simply remove the like this morning… with the understanding that it is still implied.

The first big reality of Easter - I am a sheep.

There’s a reason to understand this… you’re not… but you’re like one… so in order to understand Scripture today… let’s just take it to a place where we can see what’s going on. Say it with me… “I am a sheep” Now… one step further… baahh with me.

It’s kinda’ funny… here at least… but this realization from scripture is anything but funny. Sheep are not cool. I mean… how many times are you driving in the country… and look over and see a sheep rubbing against a fence and eating grass… and say… wow… that’s awesome!

But… I don’t think the Bible’s wrong here… it wasn’t about anything else in this passage… why are we like sheep?

Sheep are basically understood in this way. They are prey animals. I think that says it all. Sheep are food. Really… naturally. They naturally group together… huddle together… they have a natural inclination to look for and follow a leader in the hope of finding safety or a new pasture. That’s why dogs herd sheep so well… and pigs too :) (reference Babe)… shepherds take advantage of this. Sheep want to be led… desperately. People are like sheep. Want proof?

How do young people characterize people? By music… right? He’s a rapper. All rappers think they’re different from everyone else… they’re individuals. They all wear their pants down to their ankles and have spinning hubcaps on their tires. They are all unique. No... we are sheep!

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