Summary: Allowing God to be between us and our problem instead of allowing our problem to be between us and God.

Eclipsed By The Son

St. Luke 1:26-33

Eclipse – The obscuring of the sun when the moon comes between it and the earth. The obscuring of the moon when the shadow of earth is cast upon it. Any obscuring by light, fame, or glory.

Solomons temple was built upon Mt. Moriah and the construction of it took 7 years. His palace was built upon Mt. Zion and took 13 years to construct. Between the two mounts lay the valley of Jehosophat or the Kidron Valley. Timber was taken from Lebenon to build Solomons palace and temple. That was about 175 miles away. The jewels came from Sheba about 800 miles away. These were transported by boat on the Red Sea to Eziongeber and then overland by camel train. Solomon reigned over Israel 40 years.

History tells us that Solomon built a giant bridge spanning the Kidron valley to go from his front door to the temple. It is said that apes, peacocks, and many other animals were caged along the bridge to display their splendor and beauty as the King walked to the King of Kings house. And now we are reading where there is a greater than Solomon?

St. Matthew 12:42

St. Luke 2:32

We also read in Matthew 27:45-46 that Darkness covered the land. The Sun that lights our world has some amazing statistics as well.

It is 432,500 miles around the sun.

93,000,000 miles from earth

9300 degrees at the surface

29,000,000 degrees at the center

This very small Jewish man who was probably barely over 5 feet tall, had no home, no robes of splendor, no temple, and no money has eclipsed Solomon by his fame and his glory. Now we are reading that his being lifted upon a cross more than likely not over 8 feet tall eclipsed the sun in the sky.

This Jesus so totally eclipsed the glory of Solomon and of the sun that he still shines as the most prominent character in world history. And he, when elevated to the appropriate height in our hearts will eclipse the greatest of problems, afflictions, heartaches, sin, and all manner of burdens. Broken homes, ruined hopes, damaged relationships, wounded hearts these all dissipate like fog before the light of Glory that shines from Jesus.

Honor him and lift him up. Focus all of your hearts affections on him and he will fill your darkness with light. He is the fullness of Him that filleth all in all. He has a way of filling every possible place with the warmth of his love light. He is, as the psalmist said, beautiful for EVERY situation!!!

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