Summary: This third sermon in a series on finances discusses money's role in a godly person's life.

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* My Disclaimer : If you are one of those people whose heart skips a beat when the church talks about money, you might want to take your heart medication!

* Part of my pastoral responsibility is to bring people out of curse and into blessing

ƒ{ There are Christians that still don't understand that they can be blessed

ƒ{ If we don't start believing that God's favor can be on us

ƒ{ Then you can

„X Be baptized until all the fish know you

„X Anointed with enough oil -- to be deep fried

„X Fast -- until you can see your bones through your shirt

ƒ{ And still not live in abundance

ƒ{ If God owns the cattle of a thousand hills

o He should be able to slaughter one for me!

ƒ{ The prodigal son's father did!

„X Note the blessings of the 2nd son

„X All through scripture it was the 2nd son who got blessed

„X You are the 2nd son through salvation

ƒ{ Some say they think that Christians should take a vow of poverty

ƒ{ I say that sinners should

ƒ{ Because we can't support anything or finance the truth if we are broke

Matthew 28:12

When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money.

* The world is spending a large sum of money to tell a lie

* 1.9 million in political ads

* The devil knows that if he's going to influence a people, he will spend money

* The church has to be willing to spend -- to tell the truth

* The world always finances their vision

o Spending billions of dollars looking for life on other planets

o Instead of saving lives living on this planet!

2 Chronicles 20

Vs 12

ƒ{ We have no power

ƒ{ We don't know what to do

Vs 25

ƒ{ Great plunder -- KJV -- Great riches

„X after the enemy was defeated

„X riches -- plunder -- articles of value were released

ƒ{ The enemy that we need to attack is lack

ƒ{ We must destroy an enemy of

„X Poverty (thinking)

„X Greed (stingy people)

„X Fear

ƒ{ Here are some truths that we will build on

ƒ{ Because the truth shall set us free

1. I can change my economic conditions

...You don't have to die in the same place you were born in

* Change it now -- don't wait until the next raise or bonus

* You are not powerless

Deuteronomy 8:18

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.

2. Money is not good or bad

* People say if I had millions of dollars..

...I would give it to the church

* Money doesn't change you

* If you are stingy now ... will be stingy on a higher level

* If you are foolish in spending now... will be a super-size fool with money

EXAMPLE: MTV Cribs ($10 million dollar bathrooms -- MC Hammer)

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

* Money must borrow its goodness or badness...

...from the one who holds it

* The same $100 can buy crack or groceries

* Money is directed

o If you're a good person

o You can do a lot of good with money

o If you're a bad person

„X We want your money source to be shifted from the wicked to the good

* People say to me, "I am believing for the day that I can write a million dollar check for the kingdom."

* That's the heart that God can bless

* But we must gain some learning to apply to it!

3. Abundance begins with control

* It's nobody's fault you're broke

* Not your boss

* Not your kids

* Not your government have to control or direct your money

- Insert from Steve Casey

o Tell your money where to go

o Instead of your money telling you where it's been

- Quit waiting to win the lottery...

...get on a game show

- Imagine if your money could tell us where it's been

o I've been paying interest on things that are long gone

o Tell your money -- talk to it -- direct it

„X Provide vision for it

* Tell this 10% go to church and bless God

* Tell this 10% go to the bank and sit and wait and be still and know he is God!

o Order the other to pay on debt

4. Money is currency, it should flow

* Money is always changing hands

* It's time for me to get my hands in the game

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