Summary: Egypt is where you can meet but not see the face of God and live.

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Read Exodus 19:3-6

God wants his people not only to remember what He did to the Egyptians’ but also how He bare them on eagles’ wings, and brought them unto himself. Egypt, which is filled with God’s people, is still a part of life today. God exposed his people over Egypt throughout generations. If you have the faith of Jesus Christ, it is possible to go into Egypt, and come out again and again. Jesus gives us power over Egypt, power over sex and drugs, power over pleasure and power over all the power of the enemy.

Egypt is a part of bondage that God wants to bring us out of with signs and wonders. We must trust and wait on the Lord. God will keep producing people like Pharoses, the drug dealer, and Moses the deliverer; and the many who will remain in chains and shackles. The wife of Pharos has a special love in her heart for Moses, because God put it there. Look at how education has made Aarons’ out of many. The ancient history of drug and alcohol abuse is nothing but the culture of Egypt. Opium and hashish have been used in Egypt for centuries, and recent tests have found cocaine in mummified remains - the coca plant is not just a South American phenomenon. Sex and unnatural affections for each other is not just a South American phenomenon; it is all of the ancient culture of Egypt.

Egypt is headquarters where God gets the glory that He wants in there. People will continue to turn away from God and continue to go after idol gods; even after they have witness firsthand what God is able to do. To prevent this from happening is to put all of your focus on Jesus. This is a position not only a position but also absolute power to victory. There is, only one way out of Egypt. You got both to give him the fruit of your lips and call him by the given name Jesus e.g. (JesusJesusJesusJesusJesus) without a break in between this powerful word as fast as you can. Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The problem with most people is that they expect God to discharge a flash of lightening right away, when they decide to call him. Sometime it does happen that way for some, but if it do not for you; you must not get weary in well doing, because in do season; you shall reap if you faint not. That is a promise from the Lord.

It is so easy to give- up or faint not only because we do not see God but also because it is less stressful when we give-up because we do not have to fight anymore. The problem with this is God tells us to fight the good fight of faith, be determine to lay hold on eternal life and do not let go of it. If you practice fearing God, you will learn not only to fear him but also to obey him as well. Once you learn to fear God, you will obey him automatically i.e., call Jesus name. I graduated from high school in 1987 from Nathaniel Bedford Forrest Senior High. My mother did everything she could for me. She waited patiently for me to finish high school, because I was held back two grades. Originally, I was supposed to graduate in 1985. After I graduated from high school, I lost my High school sweet heart that was dear to me, because I went straight into Egypt without a second thought about it.

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