Summary: A message on the name El Shaddai - the God Who Satisfies.

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Hello I Love You

El Shaddai – Gen. 17

Intro: This weekend 40+ men from WHFBC went to PK. Upon arriving, our men set out to find seats and I stayed at the entrance for the drivers. While waiting, I suddenly noticed a blur moving rapidly and uncomfortably toward me. Un-nerved this guy yelled in my face – longtime no see… how are you doing? Before I got my bearings I said great and you? Unaware of his name – his face was familiar. It was a friend I had lost contact w/ prior to moving to WH.

Trans: I have a confession. When it comes to names, I have a mind like a steel trap. Problem is… I have a difficult time getting the trap open once it has shut. I struggle to remember the names of people who once were acquaintances but are no longer apart of my every day life. I recognize faces, but names often escape me. But for those I have known well, I never forget their names.

Insert: This problem was never more on display than the time Steve Escue he pulled a joke on me. Back when Steve had his barbecue restaurant, I went in for a bite. I had told Steve I was coming in and he had one of his buddies, who I didn’t know, act like he knew me from Jackson, MS. Talk about on the spot and befuddled – I didn’t know his name or his face – it didn’t ring a bell.

Trans: As I thought about these incidences and this series, I thought about how we at times respond when God suddenly shows up into our lives. We’re stunned, uncomfortable, grasping for the name of the One who has invaded our space. Who is this God crowding my life in an attempt to re-connect w/ me?

Trans: In this series God has suddenly burst thru the gates and in a blur has invaded my space, yelling – Remember me? I’m the God you’ve been looking for!

Trans: We’ve been introduced to Elohim, Adonai, and El Elyon – today El Shaddai.

Trans: The name El Shaddai is familiar to most Christian made popular by the song that we just heard. But what does it mean and how is relevant to us?

Insert: God introduces Himself as El Shaddai 48 (x) in the O.T. The first time is in Gen. 17 w/ Abe, but the most predominant use of the name is found in Job.

Name: El – (God) – mighty and powerful and shad – (breast) – the nurturing relationship a mother has w/ her infant child that she nourishes and satisfies. El Shaddai means the One mighty to nourish and satisfy.

Insert: What will it take to make you truly happy? What will it take to alleviate the anxiety you feel? Who or what will bring contentment to your life?

Note: I ask this question for two reasons. First, b/c it is amazing to what lengths a person will go to find adventure and satisfaction – only to sip it and then crave even more. 2nd, it is amazing to what lengths a person will sink in desperation once they reach the summit and realize that it is not enough nor ever will be.

Story: Just last week while in L.A. a crowd gathered and a street was shut down as a young lady threatened to jump to her death b/c of the void she had in her soul that couldn’t be quenched by the things of this world.

Note: Neither pride, prestige, power, possession, passion, or pain killers can fill the void in the heart and soul of every man – it will never be enough!

Story: This week as the NFL kicked off, but many of the players are holding out for more money and greater respect. T.O wants more respect yet he disrespects his teammates. In Nashville, Pacman a.k.a. “the boy who ought to be in jail” Jones – an unproven rookie – holds out for more money and respect. Hello, why don’t you try earning some respect instead of demanding something you obviously don’t deserve? When will enough be enough?

Truth: For many of us the answer to this question often lies in our financial state. For others it is thought to be in the status we reach or the power we harness. Yet, the truth is, no one really seems to know how much is enough.

Story: When in Jackson I watched single adult after single adult settle for far less than God’s best b/c they wanted so desperately to be married. I’ve seen people accept jobs b/c of the status it was going to give them or for the wealth it was going to put in their pockets – but it was never enough?

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