Summary: God’s promises concerning election. A study of Romans chapters 9-11

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Romans Series Mitchell Skelton

Election, Rejection, and Restoration

Romans 9–11


Someone once said, “Try to explain election and you’ll lose your mind; try to explain away election and you’ll lose your soul.”


I. God’s Election - Romans 9

A. God is faithful to His promises. 9:4–5

B. Election according to the promise. 9:6–13

1. Not natural decent. (6–10)

2. Not human merit, but God’s promise. (11–13)

C. God: Unjust or Merciful? 9:14–18

D. God’s Justice 9:19–33

1. Can man argue with God’s plan? (19–21)

2. God has a purpose. (22–24)

3. All prophecy points to his justice. (25–29)

4. God’s grace is sufficient. (30–33)

II. Israel’s Rejection - Romans 10

A. They felt no need for salvation. 10:1

B. Their zeal went beyond God’s word. 10:2

C. Self righteousness vs. God’s righteousness. 10:3; Phil. 3:1–11

D. Misunderstood their own Law. 10:4–13; Gal. 3:24

E. The Remedy for Rejection. 10:14–17

F. The Result. 10:18–21

III. The Promise of Restoration - Romans 11

A. Paul was elected. 11:1

B. Elijah and David prophesied of election. 11:2–10

C. The Gentiles enjoyed election. 11:11–15

D. Two illustrations of election. 11:16–24

1. Lump of dough (clay). 11:16a

2. The olive tree. 11:16b–24

E. God’s explanation of election. 11:25–36

1. God’s timing. 11:25

2. God’s promise. 11:26

3. God’s covenant 11:27–28

4. God’s nature. 11:29

5. God’s grace. 11:30–32

6. God’s wisdom. 11:33–36


God’s election involves His purpose, grace, justification, sanctification and calling. Man’s response is obedience of faith that allows him to stand as one of the elect. (See John 6:27–51)

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