Summary: To be a mature Christian is to grab onto the elementary teachings of Christ. Can and will you do it?

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Elementary, my dear Watson

Hebrews chapter 6:1-6:12




One of the most famous lines of Sherlock Holmes is “Elementary, my dear Watson” and yet it was never said by Sherlock Holmes.

The author of the fictional character Arthur Conan Doyle never wrote it.

The producer of the movie “The crooked man” took two separate conversations and put them together.

I have the advantage of knowing your habits my dear Watson.

In an exchange of conversation, Sherlock agreed and said Elementary.

This morning, I want to put together two passages that combined are a continuous sermon from last week.

Combining the passages from last week that show us what believers are offered by God so they can live the lives that God desires for us, and the elementary teachings we take right out of the Scripture of our text this morning.

Hebrews chapter 6:1-6:12

Remember last week, we looked at living Pentecost-

Christ at the cross providing a way of salvation and leaving this earth physically so that the Comforter, The Holy Spirit can come to empower, equip, encourage, and fulfill all of God’s promises in our life.

We saw that the unbeliever can experience the drawing of God to come to a faith in Christ but the promise of the power of the Holy Spirit working in a person’s life is promised to believers.

Believers can live the promised life and have more than just knowing God; they can experience the power of God in their life.

The purpose of Pentecost was for believers to be empowered, to evangelize the world, and for believers to come to maturity.

From the text, we see that there are certain elementary teachings that are essential for all believers to understand.

Importance of faith

Foolishness of being saved by works, but understanding that God desires us to be active for the Kingdom.

Meaning of spiritual gifts, baptism and what eternity holds for both believers and non-believers.

To go to maturity- is to understand that we move beyond but not away from the elementary teachings of God.

Let me explain.

Believers need to understand the basics of Christianity, but go deeper “meat” of the Word.

The author of Hebrews desires Christians to go deeper and get into the meat of the Word.

Mature Christians should be teaching new believers the basics while they are going deeper in the Word themselves.

“Therefore, let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go onto maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lend to death, and of the faith.”

We all need a foundation- it has to be a foundation built on Christ, but where most lack and live below where God desires for them is they never build on the foundation.

It stays at the beginning stage. Milk but never any meat of the Word.

Do you understand that when you say I believe, when you told God that you wanted to be a follower of Christ, those were significant words promised to God.

By saying that you believe

You declare that you are not an Atheist. You are one that believes in God.

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