Summary: Article written for wit4life ministries. When we look for Him God’s pwoer will awe us!

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August 2006

Deuteronomy 4:35 “You were shown these things so that you might know that the Lord is God; besides him there is no other.”

This was the first verse on the first day Vacation Bible School lesson. I taught this lesson in Trinidad. I learned it too, right along with the kids, but in a new way... By experiencing it there.

It’s funny how God will show you something twice or more to make a point. I experienced supernatural protection, guidance and help from God in my time away and so did the rest of my team. Trinidad is a dark place spiritually in many ways. Some people literally sell their soul to get ahead. Seriously...sell their soul to the devil. You can see people cutting of chickens in voodoo rituals in their backyard, erecting flags for to appease the god they worship, and trying all manner of tactics to change their fates, or standing with "the gods". You don’t expect to see that but you do.

The Bible lesson was on Elijah the ancient prophet of God to Israel. The only prophet of God left. The others had been slaughtered. The false god Baal had 450 prophets, and the people had turned away. It hadn’t rained in three years and they needed the “Courage to Believe” that the Lord is God. Elijah needed the courage to face such fierce opposition and be true to God and in light of his promise to bring rain.

It seems God builds up dramatic suspense sometimes in order to prove something. Sometimes it’s not the drama or suspense we like most, but it does help us pay attention.

In a contest, the false prophets cried, pleaded, screamed, danced and cut themselves to get Baal burn up their offering. After a full day of this, Elijah prayed and God suddenly burned up the water saturated offering, the stones of the altar, the dust around the altar and the trench of water surrounding it. The people fell to the ground in shock and reverence saying, “The Lord is God! The Lord is God!”

By the same kind of power I believe we all saw that the Lord is God on our trip to the tropics. God was showing us from the past and from the present this truth, and I believe for remembrance in the future.

Please know that the Lord is God, there is none besides him!

Look for his power, ask for it. You’ll be left in awe too.

Lisa DeLay

writer, speaker & founder of


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