Summary: In this first conversation, the more senior friend lays an accusation on heavily, and what it does it torment Job, instead of helping him recover. What Job needs is a comforter – but instead he receives condemnation.

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Eliphaz’s First Conversation with Job

Job Sermon Series, Part 5

Introduction (Job Slide)

- This morning and for the next few weeks, we will see several conversations

-- These conversations involve Job and his friends who’ve come to visit

- These friends have come to comfort friend, but not in a way we think

-- They are discouragers; ones who desire Job to stop holding onto his faith

-- In their eyes, there is a cause/effect with his sin and his condition

- These friends have three conversations with him…

• Round 1: they suggest Job has sinned

• Round 2: they imply Job is a sinner

• Round 3: they state Job’s sin

- In preparation for this, I’ve really struggled with how to take this apart

-- What I heard from the Lord is to take each conversation in its entirety

-- This means that we will cover several chapters at one sitting

-- Why? Context is critical, and from this we can learn a thing or two

- Stick with me through this, it is important for us to see what happens

- Read Job Ch. 4 - 5

- Pray

Point 1 – Eliphaz Speaks (Ch. 4)

- His friend, Eliphaz, begins to speak first (prob. the oldest of the three)

-- He begins by being very positive, affirming Job’s good works (v3, 4)

-- But, Job was now in need of instruction (v5) and he must listen to them

- He believes that Job has sinned against God and must confess this sin

-- He suggests: No one who is innocent ever perishes … right? Expound. (v7)

-- APP: Therefore, your condition lends us to believe that there is sin in your life

- In v9, he declares those in sin will perish by the “breath of God”

-- A “blast of his anger” will surely consume all those living wrongly

- He believes that Job was/is irresponsible in how he protected his children

-- This has happened to him because he has not cared for his family properly (v10)

-- The cubs of the lion scattered are a reference to his kids; they are now dead

-- APP: Basically: because you haven’t done enough, so they have perished!

- Now, why does he say this? He believes he got this info from a dream! (v12)

-- Secretly, he believes that God spoke to him to share this information

-- He describes the vision as clear, spine tingling, and very, very real to him

- He then poses, “If God doesn’t trust his servants, how can he trust us?” (v18)

-- We are founded in the dust (dust to dust); we are temporary beings (v20-21)

-- Because we are self-centered, we suffer and die in our sin (our own expense)

- APP: Because of Job’s hidden sins, these things have happened

- TRANS: He then makes an appeal of Job…

Point 2 – Eliphaz’s Appeal (Ch. 5)

- Eliphaz begins to affirm that Job’s suffering is due to his sin

-- He outlines why Job should plead his case before the Lord; to receive mercy

-- Resentment is a destructor (v2); and Eliphaz has seen a fool take root (v3)

-- Considering all that has happened, Job MUST be a foolish man in his life

- So, he lays out a case for what Job must do; (APP): Appeal to God! Why?

• God performs wonders that cannot be counted (v9)

• God bestows rain & sends water on the countryside (v10)

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