Summary: In this text we discover what exactly the Good News of Jesus entails. We will be challenged to embrace fully the good news and to commit to extending the good news to others.

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Mark 3:7-19

In this text we discover what exactly the Good News of Jesus entails. We will be challenged to embrace fully the good news and to commit to extending the good news to others.

A. Jesus returns to the lake to reaffirm his mission

Read Mark 3: 7

“Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the lake...”

Chapter 3 began with him healing a man in the synagogue on the Sabbath, resulting in the religious officials deciding to plot a way to kill him. So now he withdraws.

We’ve seen this before. Chapter 2 begins with the account of the healing of a paralyzed man amidst some conflict.

C.f. 2:13 Then Jesus goes out to the lake.

This is a pattern important to Mark, and it relates to the idea of Jesus going into the wilderness. In chapter 1, Jesus began his ministry by going into the wilderness, where he was tempted by Satan. There he demonstrated, affirmed his Sonship, his obedience, and his purpose or mission. Now at crucial times we see Jesus returning to the wilderness. “The Lake” is a parallel to the wilderness.

That’s how we should view what is happening here in ch. 3

We will see Jesus reaffirm his sonship and his mission. But first, let’s see who followed him to the lake. Let’s finish reading Mark 3:7, 8.

B. Crowds follow him, not fully understanding his mission

A large crowd from Galilee (where he has been) follows him. Also, a large crowd from the entire region comes to see him, having heard about all he has done. The places mentioned here encompass the entire surrounding area. Jesus’ astonishing authority and actions have awakened great interest in him from a wide area. Jesus will respond to this interest by going to each of these regions, as Mark records (except Idumea).

The crowds think he is a miracle worker – they have heard about the healings and casting out of demonic spirits. They are interested in what he can do for them on that level, and also are up for a show. They’ve jumped on his bandwagon.

Illus: We jump on bandwagons too: diet, exercise, financial gurus, and in some circles miracle workers.

As we read vv. 9-10, notice how worked up this crowd was. Jesus had to have a “get away” boat to avoid being “crushed.” “so he wouldn’t be trampled” – The Message

They were interested only in his miracles. They did not fully understand Jesus or his mission. They didn’t know what he was all about. Mark emphasizes this about the ‘crowd.’ This will be evident in the way Jesus responds…

C. Jesus’ mission was to proclaim good news and overthrow the power of evil in people’s lives

What was Jesus’ real mission? It involves two parts:

Jesus announced the first part in Mark 1:14-15.

First is proclaiming the good news that the kingdom of God is near. That is, in the person of Jesus Christ, God is drawing people to himself, making it possible for us to have a personal relationship with God.

Appl: You can know God personally, you can connect with Him, you don’t have to figure it out yourself, or do certain things to be accepted by him.

Jesus demonstrated the second part of his mission when he cast demons out of people.

Jesus came to confront Satan and strip him of his power. He serves notice that God has shown up, and evil no longer has free reign in people’s lives. This is exactly what we see him doing in as we read 3:11-12. This is a typical encounter – an evil spirit recognizes Jesus, call him by name, under the ancient belief that specific use of ones name meant mastery over him. But Jesus silences them, for they have no power over him. And he removes them and their influence from the afflicted person’s life.

Ironically, the people don’t recognize who Jesus is, but the demons do...

This is also seen in his healings– he is lord of life.

Jesus came to overthrow the power of evil in our world and in our lives.

Not just that he can heal or cast out (that’s all the crowd saw), but that he is lord, reclaiming his territory.

Appl: Jesus comes to free you from the bondage, the forces, the evil that work in your life.


Jesus calls us to embrace his kingdom, his good news, to go beyond “what can he do for me.” Let’s go beyond the crowd…

Jesus comes to you proclaiming that the kingdom of God is near, and tearing down the forces of evil working on your life.

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