Summary: Being equipped by God.

You Have Been Turned On (Enabled)


There are many Scriptures in the Word of God that demonstrate to us the role we are to play while we are here on earth. The primary role that each of us has is witnessing and winning souls. It is not enough just to come to Church and have a good time. There are many people in the world who is suffering and are in need of the message that we have, the message of hope, the message of deliverance, the message of Christ. Can you imagine going through this life not believing in God, Christ and prayer? Believing that everything that you experience is because of you and you have no control or impact on your future? Or believing that you control your destiny and everything is within your control. Can you imagine experiencing troubles and having to tell yourself that they are of your own making and only you can solve them? I am not saying that we do not experience troubles of our own making, but we know that we always have someone who is able to help us – even as we learn our lesson. The message that we have is a message of hope, deliverance and most important, love. It is a message that heals the broken-hearted, calms fears, brings through difficult times and offers encouragement when no human words could do so. It is a message that transforms the human life into a spiritual existence. It is a message that offers peace and rest when you are in the midst of the storm and eternal rest when you leave this earth. Yes we have a wonderful message, yet it is a shame that many Christians choose to keep that message to themselves.

This morning I want to share with you, based on my understanding of God’s word, the truth that everyone sitting in this room has been “enabled” to do something. However, before I go into our text, I need to give you two definitions, one from the management world and one from the computer world. The first word is “delegate”. This word means, “a person authorized to act for others, a representative”. In other words, this person does things on behalf of others. During our presidential elections, each state has delegates that go to the convention to “represent” their state. In their representation, they vote the way their state would have them to vote (in theory). As Christians, we have been positioned on this earth as delegates of God and I will get to that shortly. The next word that you need to understand is a term that is often used in computer software terms “enable”. This word means to “to make able, provide with means, power”. This word when used in computer terms has the same meaning as this definition. Last week Nikki was showing me something on the computer and she asked me to check and see if the program was “enabled”. To be enabled means that the program was ready and able to function because it was “turned on”. So my message to you this morning is this, you are God’s representative and you have been turned on (enabled). With that understanding, what are you going to do?

I. The Anointing

We have often heard people talk about the anointing. During some of our services, we have anointed people with oil for healing as well as to set them apart for service. The anointing I am talking about this morning is the latter, God anointing us for service. When God gives you a gift, I believe it is in you at birth. However, you may go through years of experiences before you are ready to fully understand and utilize what God has placed within you. Some people never reach the stage of understanding and utilizing their gifts while others may use them for another purpose. Regardless, each of us has talents that God has placed within us and He desires that we will use for the Kingdom. But back to my point, the anointing of God enables us to do what He has called us to do. This does not mean that you have to “accept” a certain calling or be anointed with oil by the pastor, but it does mean that you willing accept what God is leading you to do. The purpose of the anointing is to enable. When we accept Christ as our Savior, we immediately become delegates. He gives us the authority to act on His behalf. With that comes our acceptance of our individual calling (anointing) for service that God has for us. Not everyone is called to preach or teach. Not everyone is called to sing or usher. There are multitudes of service that needs to be rendered for the Kingdom of God and He has people that He has anointed to fill every one of them.

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Michael Balogun

commented on Jul 27, 2018

I have a sermon on Sunday about enabled to teenagers and am a teenager Please do you have a sermon about enabled for teeneger

Rodney Johnson

commented on Jul 28, 2018

Hello Michael, When I submit sermons to Sermon Central, I default to that they are for adults. In reality, every sermon that I have written applies to adult as well as youth and children. You can adapt this message to your audience as well as any other message that I have written. The Bible has many examples of young people doing things for God. Josiah was eight years old when he became King of Judah. David was a teenager when he was anointed to replace Saul. Paul counseled Timothy to not be timid because of his age. So as far as I am concern, although my messages are classified for adults, they are really for everyone.

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