3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We are enabled to minister through faith in God’s providence, the supportive prayer of other believers and the provision of the Holy Spirit

#9 5-20-07

Enablement for Ministry


Review of last two sermons. 1) The Joy of Ministry, 2) The Right Motives for ministry

Text; Philippians 1:19, 20

Transitional statement, What enabled Paul to be joyful in the midst of his imprisonment and difficulties ?

I. Faith in God’s Providence

A. Paul’s confidence in God’s providence

1. God was in control of his life and over everything.

2. God was working everything out for His glory

App. Paul lived a surrendered life so we should also if we want God to

work everything out for His glory.

B. Paul’s expectation of deliverance

1. No matter how bad the situation God was going to get him through it or out of it.

2. No matter how strong the opposition even Satan himself was not going to defeat him.

C. Paul’s expectation of good and hope for the future

1. He would not be put to shame. He would not fail in his mission or ministry.

2. Christ would be exalted in his life. His life would bring glory to Christ.

II. The Supportive Prayer of Other Believers

A. Knowing others are praying for you gives encouragement

1. Pray with people right when the need for prayer is mentioned. Don’t wait because quite often we will forget to pray later.

2. Be sure to pray for them later in your times of prayer.

App. If you don’t have prayer times then how are you pray for others. You most purpose to spend time in intercessory prayer for others.

B. Prayer releases God’s power

1. God wait to work through the prayer to achieve His will.

2. When we pray God’s power flow through your prayer to minister to the needs of others.

III. The Provision of the Spirit

A. Everything you need for salvation is provided by the Spirit of God

1. The Holy Spirit convinces and convicts of our sin.

2. The Holy Spirit conceives a new life in the spirit within us. We are born again by the Spirit of God.

B. Everything you need for sanctification

1. The Holy Spirit comforts, counsels, conforms and controls us

C. Everything you need for service

1. Special ministry gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to each believer.

2. The baptism of the Holy Spirit empower us to minister

3. The gifts of divine enablement (1Corinthians 12:7-11)

Do you need more of God’s enablement?

How confident are you of God’s providence in your life?

Are you seeking more prayer support from other Christians?

Have you been baptized in the Spirit?

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